10 days in board game

10 days in board game

Board Games Home; Recent Additions; Welcome; Wiki; Subdomains. All; 10 Days in series. A series of games by Alan R. Moon and Aaron Weissblum and published by Out of the Box Games in the 10 Days in Series. 10 Days in the USA; 10 Days in Africa; 10 Days in Europe; 10 Days in Asia; 10 Days in the Americas; Series Microbadge: Main. Sep 22,  · FAST-PACED AND INTERACTIVE: For the day vacation plan it takes minutes to play each game. You also have the option of playing a 5-day game which takes even less time. EDUCATIONAL: Learn US geography and state capitals while developing strategy, sequencing, and problem-solving skills. This learning game is both fun and educational/5(). Official 10 Days in the USA Game Rules 10 Days in the USA Reviews, Comments, Questions Share with us your comments, funny stories, tips, advice, strategies, creative ways to play, questions about how to play, problems with the rules or anything you want about 10 Days in the USA. Jul 30,  · 10 Days in the USA is a fantastic game that is fun, educational and great for kids of all ages. We’ve had several people move away in the last year and I was trying to figure out a way to show my son how far away his friends moved. Dec 18,  · Modifications to make 10 Days in Europe easier. I’m using 10 Days in Europe to help my kids learn European geography, it’s a fun game in its own right, but it’s purpose in my house is to learn geography. Only play for “5 Days in Europe,” which makes the game shorter and less frustrating when you are first learning the geography.

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Shop party supplies and decorations at Oriental Trading Company! Follow the instructions in your box since they might have adjusted the rules. This lets you give each other advice on how to plan your trip. Take the top 3 cards and lay them next to each other and the pile to create 3 Draw Piles. Thanks for supporting us! Thanks very much. To start off each player draws 10 country cards and puts them into their trays in the order they draw them.

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The board for this game is the United States and the goal is to take a 10 day trip around them! My 9 year old just told me yesterday that Israel was in Africa. There are links to both Amazon and Rainbow Resource center in the post that will give you where to buy it. Spread the cards out and shuffle them really well and then pass out the holders. First you have to open the game board out and put it in the middle of everyone.

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Take the top 3 cards and lay them next to each other and the pile to create 3 Draw Piles. If you are playing with younger kids make sure the states face them. Shop party supplies and decorations at Oriental Trading Company! I am very excited. Inside the box are a playing board that is equally sturdy and a map of the USA, playing cards with planes, cars, and states on them which are also made out of the sturdy not so bendy cardboard, and there are 4 sets of card holders for 10 days. This way everyone can choose from 1 of 3 Discard Piles. I will probably order them from RainbowResource.

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