10 reasons why kids should play sports

10 reasons why kids should play sports

Dec 07,  · 10 Reasons Kids Should Play Sports We are advocates of organized sports. We firmly believe that sports (when balanced with other activities) gives children the opportunity to grow into well-rounded, confident, hard-working versant.us: Shari Medini. Mar 25,  · Here are 10 Reasons Why Kids Should Play Team Sports: Social Skills. When playing team sports kids will communicate and interact with other kids and adults (coaches). One of the most important traits children need to develop are their social skills. The best way to develop your child’s social skills is by having them participate in team sports. The adversity children can experience in sports are many and varied. There is, of course, the weather for outdoor sports, which can range from rain to high winds to bitter cold to blistering heat.

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They will learn how to push through things when they are tired or frustrated. Signing up for a competitive league has benefits. So, where are children these days going get that resilience that they will certainly need as they grow into adults? Verified by Psychology Today. More Like This.

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You can focus on things other than results, such as fun, camaraderie, lessons learned. Be honest Yet when it comes to sports that can also be very valuable to their development we shy away from one practice a week. Benefits can range from higher grades and a desire to succeed in school to the ability to develop strong, supportive relationships with others. Kids need to learn that they will have to compete for everything in life. Kids need to learn about teamwork when they are young because they will need to be able to work with other people as they grow older.

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In this case, time spent participating in sports is time not spent eating junk food, drinking or taking drugs , getting into trouble, or just plain mind numbing and time sucking as social media, video games, and TV. Team sports require commitment, discipline, and hard work from all the players. Playing team sports will keep kids physically active. Everything felt the same as it always was, and it was a beautiful reminder of what felt like a different life. Participating in youth sports will teach kids how to take orders from someone of authority. In team sports, kids will have to communicate with coaches and teammates on a regular basis. A real challenge in this Submitted by The Chimp on March 7, - pm. Back Today. Good communication among team members is essential to sports.

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