100 best video game characters

100 best video game characters

Picking just 25 video game characters to celebrate based on their fame and iconic qualities may sound like something easy enough to do in your sleep, but on paper, that couldn't be further from Author: Joe Pring. Pacman is surely one of the best video game characters of all time and needs to be much higher on this list, maybe in the top Although not my favorite character (which goes to Sonic the Hedgehog), I loved his Pacman World games. - MasterCreepy. Pac-Man is the best! Plus I think that the new awful (full of awe) but I hate his attitude. The best heroes in video games can mean so many things to so many people. Maybe the protagonist is someone you aspire to be like - with truth, justice, and the greater good always on their mind Author: Gamesradar Staff. Nov 18,  · 50 Most Iconic Video Game Characters of the 21st Century The best example is the Vinnie Sinisitra kill at a kid's birthday party, with the option to get deadly as a FBI operative, a pool boy.

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Or at least in all of Tristram. Path Created with Sketch. Sarah Kerrigan Whether a ghost or a queen , Sarah Kerrigan is a force to be reckoned with. Dovahkiin, from 'Skyrim'. Early bird gets the worm, as they say, and few showed up earlier than pacman.

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Get it? Pull together a list of the most iconic video game characters of all time and chances are there would be very few surprises. Newswire Powered by. Well, not exactly - his psionic powers let him possess those nasty Sligs and force them to explode, which is always a hoot. Robed Figure, Journey. Insanity is doing the exact… same fucking thing… over and over again expecting… shit to change… That.

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Sonic is a champion. Shout out to Starcraft , one of the greatest RTS games of all time. This iconic purple dragon was always a little too cute for our taste. Exceptional character design. Get it? In the decades since the inception of video games, the world has been blessed with a treasure trove of excellent characters.

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