1997 nba finals game 2

1997 nba finals game 2

Summary and statistics for the NBA Finals - Utah Jazz vs. Chicago Bulls. Top NBA Finals Moments Index. The Game: Finals, Game 5 The Series Situation: Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz tied, The Play: So sick and suffering from flu-like symptoms that at times he. Top NBA Finals Moments Index. The Game: Finals, Game 6 The Series Situation: Chicago Bulls lead Utah Jazz, The Play: With the clock ticking under 10 seconds and the game tied at The NBA playoffs was the postseason tournament of the National Basketball Association's –97 versant.us tournament concluded with the Eastern Conference champion Chicago Bulls defeating the Western Conference champion Utah Jazz 4 games to 2. This was the Bulls' second straight title, and fifth overall (They completed the 3-peat by beating Utah again in ).Champions: Chicago Bulls (5th title).

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Centenary College of Louisiana. Minnesota Timberwolves 93, Houston Rockets Utah Jazz Basic Stats. Miami Arena , Miami. Chicago Bulls Orlando Magic vs.

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Recap at the Wayback Machine archived September 2, Kidd , M. April 13, Scottie famously psyched him out, saying, "Just remember, the mailman doesn't deliver on Sundays, Karl", before he stepped up to the line. February 21, Defeated the 3 Houston Rockets , 4—2.

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January 6, Chicago Bulls Basic Stats. Pippen -CHI March 26, Indiana Pacers.

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