2 player games anime battle

2 player games anime battle

Here is a perfect fighting game that has Anime Heroes' wonderful movements. Choose your Anime Hero and prepare for versant.us 1 uses "WASD" and "FGH" keys; Player 2 uses "Arrow Keys" and "" (number keypad) to play. To start the game click on "Click Here" > "2 Player" > "Continue" buttons. Tw. Action Games Fighting. Anime Battle is back with a huge update adding no less than 17 new characters! The great thing about this version is the addition of the main characters from the Dragon Ball Z series, namely Goku, Vegeta and versant.us major characters are included such as Boruto (Naruto), Arlong the sawshark Fishman (One Piece) or the hero of Sega: Super Sonic.9/ Anime Battle is listed as part of our 2 Player Games, Action Games, Anime Games, Battle Games, Cartoon Games, Crossover Games, Dragon Ball Z Games, Fighting Games, Goku Games, Naruto Games, One Piece Games, and TV Show Games categories of games. Anime Battle is liked by vistors that played.9/10(K). Anime Battle Author: - 4 plays. The fighting game Anime Battle gets a major update! Anime Battle welcome no less than 20 new heroes ready to fight tirelessly! Among the new arrivals we can notice the apparition of Sangoku, Vegeta, Gotenks (Dragon Ball Z) Arlong, Sanji, Law (One Piece), Kakashi, Nagato, Boruto (Naruto)%. Anime Battle 2. 2 allows you to fight off the many heroes of the famous anime series. Choose your favorite character and fight! Anime Battle START. 5 votes. About Anime Battle 2 Player Games; Fighting games; Naruto Shippūden Games; Anime Battle allows you to fight off the many heroes of the famous anime series /5(). Here you are viewing the 2 Player games list 1 - 54 on the list, including Super Smash Flash 2, Super Smash Flash 2 vb, Bleach Vs Naruto , and Crazy Zombie 9. These games include computers games for both your PC or mobile device as well as some 2 Player games apps for iOS and Google Andriods phones and tablets. 2 Player Fighting Anime Fighting Classic Fighting Ninja Fighting Pet Battle RPG Fighting Robot Fighting Stick Fighting Street Fighting Ultra Street Fighter 4 With various fight modes for the online community it is the most enhanced fighting game to date. Action Games Fighting. This famous crossover fighting game is back with a version adding 5 new characters and not the least! Indeed, you will now have the pleasure of being able to play the unmissable Naruto, the no less famous Ichigo of the Bleach series or Natsu, the main protagonist of the Fairy Tail versant.us total, Anime Battle now features 37 characters, from your favorite anime 8/

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Our 2 player games include all sorts of unique, intense match-ups. The single player game features an arcade mode, versus, multiplayer battle, training and challenge. KO Games. Troll's Rage Fight against goblins and orcs to escape from the village. There's nothing more exciting than challenging a close pal in a video game competition. Robo Duel 3 Fight in turn based robot battles in two player, survival or dual arena mode.

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He wears brown boots, purple jeans and a thick chain around his waist. Invite your best buddy, and see if you have have what it takes to win! Our 2 player games include all sorts of unique, intense match-ups. Every game is designed for a pair of players on the same computer. Her attire is revealing, consisting only of a two piece bikini and colored bands.

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She fights with a pair of retractable daggers, that are longer than Vega's. There are replays to check out of other players and lots of badges and bragging rights to seek out, making the online experience a lot more fun than its offline counterpart. The Fight For Glorton Become the star fighter of the arena by beating the opposition pulp. Choose your favorite activity, and battle in arenas around the world! Hugo Hugo is an unbelievably tall and muscular character, standing almost 8 feet tall, making him the tallest of all Street Fighter characters. Yuyu Hakusho Wars Fight against bad guys as you make progress through the street alley. All of the previously released DLC costumes from Super Street Fighter 4 arcade editions are included if the game is purchased as a standalone game. Bleach Versus Choose one of 9 character from the Bleach anime and battle it out on 6 different stages. Two-player games are available in practically every genre imaginable.

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