3 hole washer game plans

3 hole washer game plans

The game ends when the first team scores 21 points. Rules for 3 Hole Washers Game. In order for a throw to count, the washer must completely fall into the hole. If a washer is knocked into the hole (by a member of either team), the point goes to the player who originally threw the washer. The 3 hole washer toss game is a popular outdoor game for cookouts, tailgating, family reunions, and other outdoor parties. The 3 hole washer toss game can be purchased online or at stores for over $ The three-hole washer game is easy to pack up and take to the beach or to a friend's barbecue. For entertainment in the backyard or on the beach, many people looking for summertime fun are playing the three-hole washer game.

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The first player or team to reach 21 points wins the game. If a team exceeds 21 points in a game, that team's score is reduced by the number of points that exceed Next, you will lay two of your longer pieces of 2x4s and two of the shorter pieces on top of one of your plywood pieces to form a box shape. For children or first time players, start with 21 feet. Measure and cut your two 48"x16" frames out drill pilot holes in the ends use 3" screws and put the frame together cut your ABS pipe into six 3" measure the depth of yours to double check parts Measure and drill 4" holes on the plywood at 14", 28" and 40" on center Dont use a harbor freight drill to drill these holes, it will die a horrible death. They start 4. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 6.

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This means that the Team A has scored 6 points in this round. Flip the carpet face-down and, using a straight edge, trace two diagonal lines connecting the opposite corners. I recommend a minimum length of 1. Measure and cut a piece of square plywood. These are supports for the playing board as people will stand on the washer boards when playing.

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Glue the carpet and PVC pipe to the wooden frame. Cut each two-by-two in half. Create your own board with some two-by-fours, PVC piping, carpet, and paint. His or her opponent then throws and the opponent can cancel out some of the points. Make sure the wood screws you use are long enough to pierce both pieces of two-by-four at each corner. Cut your sheet of plywood for the surface. Thanks for the plans!

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