3d ping pong flash game

3d ping pong flash game

3D Pong. This version of pong reminds squash a bit, the two paddles are in a cubical room, except for that, the rules are exactly the same as the classic pong game, you should hit the ball with your paddle and move it to the opponents ground, you will lose a point once you missed a ball. 3D Pong is a virtual Ping Pong Game played by bouncing the ball on a four wall cubicle against the computer. The original concept of Pong was as a simple ping pong (table tennis) simulator, hence the name of the game. In ping pong two players stand on either side of a ping pong table and bat a small ball back and forth between them, and this basic concept is carried through to Pong and later 3D Pong. Oct 19,  · Ping Pong (table tennis) has been played on many home consoles and arcades. It's regarded as the first popular arcade and home console game. Ping Pong is based on table tennis. Latter games such as Arkanoid were based on the concept of table tennis%(21). 3D Ping Pong hit the ball over the net, bounce it once and make your opponent miss so you score. The mouse controls your paddle. 3D Pong Game The first version of Pong was created in and it was only two dimensions. 30 years later, 3d Pong was created in with the Shockwave platform. The new pong game is coded with html5 so that it plays on any modern browser.

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Related games. Tony's Great Goal. Table Tennis Championship Flash Game. Click 'Always allow' to play! Play with friends Powered by Y8 Account.

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Confirm Something went wrong, please try again. Games Hot Multiplayer Register Login. A small "ball" moves across the screen, bouncing off of the top and bottom edges, and the two players each control a "paddle" that slides up and down across their end of the screen. Click 'Always allow' to play! By continuing on our website you consent to it. You only need to do this once.

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A 3D pong game that combines the best features of squash and tennis. Escape From Detention. The ball's trajectory depends on the position and velocity of either racket at the moment it strikes the ball, i. Pirates of the Stupid Seas. Please login or register , or complete the verification. A thin white frame moves along the side walls with the ball so you can feel its 3d spatial position easily. When your computer opponent misses the ball, so it hits the back side of the cube outside your opponent's racket, you win.

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