3ds games with best story

3ds games with best story

The 25 best 3DS games you should definitely play. Traditional and Japan-centric though it is, its expert design and terrific story make it a welcome and necessary 3DS game - and, oddly enough Author: Gamesradar Staff. Jul 30,  · I've decided to quit online multiplayer, atleast for now, and focus more on story driven games. I have professor layton, the mario RPGs, pokemon mystery dungeon, and ordered So . Nov 16,  · This will include DS games, which you can play on the 3DS too. If you're after something gory and dark, the Zero Escape series is your best bet. Loads of endings depending on the path you take, and probably the most "adult", given how bloody and full of swearing it can get. (DS and 3DS)Operating System: 3ds. Jan 10,  · With its plot twists and turns and two different endings, Fire Emblem Awakening serves up the best storytelling and production value of any 3DS game to date, and certainly the best of Jul 02,  · Which rpg's have the best stories on 3ds? I'm looking at Shin Megami Tensei IV and Fire Emblem (though I'm terrible at strategy in general usually). Story is important to me, I want to be drawn in.

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It has one of the best in any game I've played, ever. I'm also very curious about the time traveling mystery and how that will unfold. Also there is a text driven game known as Theresia made by Axys who also made the famous Current page: Page 1. But I havent played User Info: engine93 engine93 Topic Creator 2 years ago 5 I saw a little bit of before looks interesting What about rpgs with great stories? I'm a firm believer in Hotel Dusk.

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DS and 3DS If you're wanting something over-the-top, funny, but still have a lot of heart to it, then there's the Ace Attorney franchise. How about the Ace Attourney series? Zero Escape, if you don't mind hunting down on DS first. If you do play it, TC, know that it takes a while to get rolling. I was blown away.

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Radiant Historia was just so refreshing when I played it, and mind you this was literally a week or two after I had finished Xenoblade. Elite Beat Agents!!! Who knows. To be honest, I haven't heard any complaints regarding grinding. I've seen is name come up a few times elsewhere, and I was intrigued by the mapping thing.

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