400 in 1 real game

400 in 1 real game

Oct 17,  · But I was just playing a bit of a in-1 Cool Boy that I picked up for cheap recently. It's my second copy, and to my surprise it's got a different batch of games on it from my first one. It's got a different menu layout, and Super Contra 8, Kage, and Final Mission are all in the first 10 of this version (and all 3 games are not on the other. //// in 1 Games for Nintendo NES Game Cartridge Multicart 72 Pins. 20 Real Bout Fatal Fury Gunforce 21 Real Bout Fatal fury special Gunforce 2 22 Real Bout Fatal 2 Robocop 23 Mark of the Wolves Robocop 2 24 Samurai Shodown Eswat Cyber Police 25 Samurai Shodown 2 Crime City in 1 game versant.us Author: Administrateur.

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Street Fighter Completed Items. Authenticity Verified. No Preference. Also, there exist at least two versions of in-1 Real Game: the earlier version that has exactly games, and the latter one, which, despite still claiming that it has games, includes 3 extra games. Tell us what you think - opens in new window or tab. However, there exist some versions that might not work correctly, and therefore need the PCB modified to work on it.

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Accepts Offers. I play and collect 8-bit Nintendo. Adventure Island 3 Not finding what you're looking for? New

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Guaranteed Delivery see all. Delivery Options. The image on the label has been taken off from "Resident Evil 5" also know as Biohazard in Japan. Did you miss your activation email? This multicart is notable for containing a large amount of games, and appears to be based on in 1 Real Game.

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