a streetcar named desire movie vs play

a streetcar named desire movie vs play

3 1 Introduction A Streetcar Named Desire was written by Tennessee Williams in his mid-thirties and first staged in New York on December 3 Just as his first play, The Glass Menagerie, produced only two years earlier, Streetcar was a huge success and stabilized Williams’ position among the most respected and influencing playwrights in modern. Aug 31,  · Broadway plays, even in the s and s, were not subject to much censorship. Tennessee Williams’ controversial play “A Streetcar Named Desire” was quite popular on stage in the later years of the s. However, the s brought with it a new era of Hollywood filmmakers looking to push the status quo. streetcar named desire film Vs. Movie. November 5th, Stanly’s personality (question 1) From what our class has read of the play Stanley’s personality seems to be volatile and tempered. Feb 06,  · A Streetcar Named Desire: Play vs. Movie After reading the play written by Tennessee Williams, I noticed many differences between the written version and the movie. I primarily saw the differences in the portrayals of characters. Apr 01,  · The play “A Streetcar Named Desire” was very similar to the movie version when it came to plot. I felt that the lines recited in the movie were exactly the same in the play. However, a main problem I had with the movie was the versant.us: Kathryn.

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In the movie, the surroundings of the apartment are also seen while in the script, places such as the bowling alley are only mentioned. The film renders the attack more ambiguous - maybe Stanley just roughed her up, maybe it was a rape - the details are in the editing. It was sad to see such a good play shown in such a bad lighting on film. The characters portrayed were slightly different than I had imagined but the small changes did not affect my view on their actions. Today many works of literature are expressed both through plays and films, however movies have become the dominate form of media. Overall both the film and play were similar to me. Another key difference between the script and the movie was that the setting was very well-displayed in a way that would be very difficult to capture on a stage.

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I felt that the lines recited in the movie were exactly the same in the play. Stanly is portrayed exactly like that, he is volatile and rough, he often loses his temper especially when drunk. You can get this essay on your email. Hence the sympathy of the audience should never be thrown to the side of crime, wrongdoing, evil or sin. Those who understood what happened deserve closure, and the decision was that Stanley should not be allowed to get away with the rape. I agree with your point about the acting being less than extraordinary.

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The acting of Vivien Leigh was fast paced and hard to follow. I believe that theatrical triangulation was of great importance to Williams because he develops his story around family obligation. You are commenting using your Twitter account. One similarity about Stella in the movie and the play was her weakness. Posted on February 6, I agree with what you are saying though I though that Blanche definitely seemed more older than we had pictured her being and Stella also.

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