acer predator xb271hu game mode

acer predator xb271hu game mode

Nov 28,  · Acer Predator XBHU - Still worth in ? Become a Redditor. and join one of thousands of communities. × 2. 3. 4. Troubleshooting XBHU Game mode? (versant.usrs) submitted 3 years ago by Nitrium. Hey there. I just bought this display, and it's pretty awesome. I'm not clear on what "Game mode" does, though. Anybody knows? Hey, I just got the Predator XBH monitor and started looking around in the OSD-options, I enabled Game Mode to try it out and the color "temperature" changed a . Monitors Predator XB1: Gamers’ choice. Explore all the features, information and review of the Monitors Predator XB1. Game with no compromise. Buy Direct From Acer Visit the Acer Store for the widest selection of Acer products, accessories, upgrades and more. . Jun 25,  · The big G stands for Game Mode which has three memory settings. I meant to post that I don't have the monitor in this review I have the Acer Predator XBHU 27" Author: Christian Eberle. Discussion XRCK Refresh rate number and how to turn it off for good. Title. while Acer's useless online support was telling me to return my monitor for service because my OSD didn't match his "similar" monitor: If you are using Game Mode presets, you have to explicitly save the settings. The useless manual says this, but it doesn't say how. Nov 30,  · Game mode: Settings 1 (FYI you must save your custom settings to Settings 1 before using Settings 1) After manually adjusting your monitor's settings (you must adjust your monitor's settings first), download my icm profile from the link below and install it. Dec 21,  · Some people have been asking for someone to post a video showing the Aim point reticles that are displayed onscreen when the option is enabled within the OSD menu. Let me know if . Jul 20,  · Today we’re going to take a look at the Acer Predator XB1 (XBHU), which is a inch WQHD panel capable of a Hz refresh rate, or Hz when overclocked, and 4ms gray-to-gray pixel.

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May in Predator Monitors. Now that's fast. They are uncomfortable and clunky to use and make navigating the OSD much more difficult than it needs to be. Any help would be appriciated. Dark Boost basically makes the blacks less black and pushes them towards grays. Shooting aim-points and customizable gaming profiles give you the upper hand. What to search discussions questions polls comments answers. I couldn't shake the feeling that they could get stuck at any moment, although that never happened.

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Acer Ideas. Everything's better with more pixels. Look towards the sun as your peripheral vision dims or stare into the shadows and let your eyes adjust to indoor lighting. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! A bit strange is that this option isn't a part of the gaming-related settings as it definitely shouldn't be used by anyone except those looking for every competitive edge they can get, willing to sacrifice picture quality in the process.

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Who's Online If that isn't the case, it's best to leave the option off. May Immerse yourself in the future of gaming. Members Lounge. Members Lounge.

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