acronym for the word game

acronym for the word game

Jan 17,  · #1 Monsterman The word the person puts down can be any amount of letters but it has to be a word. The acronym should represent the word as best you can. Trustworthy Example Making People Learn A Thing, Explanation. As I have done here you can use more than one sentence, commas, and such. For it was the Game that had been questioned, its verity and worth, the Game itself, the biggest thing in the world--or what had been the biggest thing in the world until that chance afternoon and that chance purchase in Silverstein's candy store, when Genevieve loomed suddenly colossal in his life, overshadowing all other things. Glossary of Online Gaming Acronyms, Abbreviations and Slang. Over the past several years, online gamers have popularized certain acronyms, abbreviations and slang phrases used to express their emotions, opinions and physical conditions. Born in , Acrozilla is one of many in a long line of game sites for what might be called simply, "The Acronym Game". Earlier incarnations, some alive, some in the acronym game graveyard, include Acrophobia, Acrochallenge, Acrobabble, Acroblast, Acrofever, Acrowars, and perhaps can even play this game at, which is primarily an online Pictionary-style drawing game! Apr 01,  · Text Abbreviations Game April 1, By Cheryl 3 Comments Please tell me that someone else can relate to this: In high school you think you’re pretty hip (okay, the fact that I just used the word “hip” pretty much tells you that I was anything but cool in high school) because you know about all the coolest lingo, the latest in Author: Cheryl.

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Commonly found in graphic-intensive or player-intensive environments, lag causes a huge slowdown in your character's movement, often leading to disaster. Posted 22 January - AM That was a good one. Posted 17 June - PM. Mezz - Short for "mesmerize". Newbs see Newbs below are often bewildered by these coined phrases and find themselves typing "? Posted 24 May - PM Astounded men amplify zealot ideas notoriously gourmet.

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The monster is whacking on you - you have the agro. Have tank and healer. Doods are kewl. I've forgotten my password. TP - "teleport" or, in some games "town portal. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

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All them damn sumbitches is dead! No one gives a hoot if you make level When the group dies, the healer takes the blame. Expressions to display your infinite knowledge and wisdom: IIRC - "If I recall correctly" - used to cover your ass if you misspeak. Posted 26 May - PM. If you learn from your karmic mistakes, you will eventually reach the highest level and never, never have to worry about losing experience ever again. Posted 17 January - PM How to play: In this game you want to make an acronym with the word provided by the previous person. ADD - Oops, here comes another one.

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