actor who plays trevor in gta 5

actor who plays trevor in gta 5

Sep 20,  · The craziest of Grand Theft Auto 5’s three main protagonists, Trevor Philips, is actually played by a Canadian actor from Calgary, Steven Ogg. The character Ogg portrays in the game is the very sociopathic Trevor. Over the course of GTA V his character actually alludes to . Sep 17,  · One of the most interesting things about Grand Theft Auto 5 is that players take on the role of three, not one, chief protagonists. It's a narrative trick that Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser Author: Brian Crecente. Trevor Philips is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as one of the three protagonists, along with Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton, in Grand Theft Auto V, and a main character in Grand Theft Auto Online. Grand Theft Auto V (Video Game ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Wade Hebert is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a main character and tritagonist to Trevor Philips in Grand Theft Auto V. He is a friend of Trevor and Ron Jakowski, as well as the cousin of Floyd. Miss GTA V's Trevor yet?Well, the character's voice actor, Steven Ogg, had a guest appearance last night in a new show called Broad played a psycho locksmith, and while it's not as mental Author: Gergo Vas. Welcome to Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest GTA 5 PC mods. Sep 20,  · Trevor had crazy dialogue and cutscenes in GTA 5. Here's a collection of the ones I felt were the best. Trevor had crazy dialogue and cutscenes in GTA 5. Here's a .

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The Local Population voice Yorke Fryer Over the following years, Michael became more cautious as a criminal, because he saw himself as having more to lose should he be imprisoned or killed, which led Trevor to believe Michael was going "soft". Kills without remorse, like a true psychopath, but very sentimental for the right reasons when it suits him. Townswoman voice Diamonique The Local Population voice Craig South The Local Population voice Dwayne Adway Himself voice uncredited Chris Corley The Local Population voice Carlos Ayala

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Categories : Fictional alcohol abusers Fictional assassins in video games Fictional aviators Fictional bikers Fictional businesspeople Fictional Canadian people Fictional cannabis users Fictional cannibals Fictional career criminals Fictional characters with psychiatric disorders Fictional crime bosses Fictional criminals in video games Fictional drug dealers Fictional gangsters Fictional immigrants to the United States Fictional kidnappers Fictional mass murderers Fictional methamphetamine users Fictional military personnel in video games Fictional outlaws Fictional rampage and spree killers Fictional Royal Canadian Air Force personnel Fictional soldiers in video games Fictional smokers Fictional torturers Fictional victims of child abuse Grand Theft Auto characters Grand Theft Auto V LGBT characters in video games Male characters in video games Fictional characters with psychopathy personality disorder Video game characters introduced in The Local Population voice Danny Henning Random Events. Trevor also mentions how he killed various animals and "drifters" even during the early years of his life. The Local Population voice Linda Larkin

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The Local Population voice Clayton Jones Franklin calls Trevor and asks for his help with killing Michael, but Trevor refuses, saying that he is "done with traitors" and telling Franklin they "deserve each other". Some time later, Trevor met Brad Snider , who would often join Trevor and Michael and commit robberies together. When portraying Trevor, Ogg cites Tom Hardy 's depiction of English criminal Charles Bronson in the biopic Bronson as a strong stylistic influence on his portrayal of Trevor. However, Trevor was caught because the clerk turned out to be someone who knew him, resulting in him serving four months of a six month sentence. Thornhill voice Richard Easton Trevor and Michael chase Lazlow to the Los Santos River , where Trevor humiliates the reality TV star, by making him take off his pants and dance while Trevor films it on his mobile phone. The Local Population voice Brian Scolaro The Local Population voice Keith R.

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