astronomy games for elementary students

astronomy games for elementary students

Jul 16,  · Students are invited to play some gas identification games that help them understand how spectrometers work, using both ordinary light and lasers. Discussion questions help the teacher engage the students and evaluate the effectiveness of the activity. Jul 17,  · Learn about NASA space and Earth science with our educational games for kids. Oct 07,  · Space Sites for Elementary Science. Home > Links for Pre-K12 > Elementary Science > Space Place - [K-4] Play games, watch animations, More space links can be found on the Astronomy page of Internet4Classrooms. Earth Science Standards Resources - K. The astronomy learning games are suitable tools for education, examination, references and recreation. Free online astronomy classroom for kids and students. Fun astronomy educational games, suitable for online lessons and interactive classes. Online Games & Resources. A variety of interactive online games, external astronomy links for enthusiastic learners, as well as additional scholastic websites for educators.

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Evil-doer or Do-gooder: Getting the Goods on Ozone Explains the different roles ozone plays in Earth's atmosphere depending on its altitude. A range of astronomy topics, like planets, stars, space crafts, missions, moons, notions and phenomenon, are made in a fun interactive way. Write a letter to a space scientist asking him space-related questions. Getting in Touch with Your Inner Spacecraft How can we explore "space weather" using multiple spacecraft? More than 40 online games, related to different astronomical subjects, that may be used for fun, interactive education and examination. Race the rising thermometer as you unjumble heat words.

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Disciplines: Earth science, physics optics , chemistry, engineering design. Sim Games - This collection is not available yet. You can also change what your avatar looks like. Let's learn about nearby and distant cosmos through interaction. The Smithsonian Education site provides a general introduction to the universe.

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Spitzer Puzzle - Sort 40 squares puzzle of the Spitzer space telescope. In this ocean currents game, use heat and salt to float your sub to the treasure! Introduces emission and absorption spectroscopy. Several spacecraft carrying telescopes or other types of instruments are flown in formation. Making the Parts Fit Together How do engineers design a machine so that all its functions work together smoothly? View a timeline of the first mission to space. Watch age appropriate movies about space. Lonely Moon - Remove all moons, which do not belong to Earth. Lots of stories, games, and activities about weather.

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