baby food baby shower game

baby food baby shower game

Buy jars of baby food depending on how many samples you want to use. Number each lid and on your own answer sheet, write down each number and the true flavor in that numbered jar. Prepare some papers for your guests that are numbered for them to put their answers. You can use the free printable baby shower game sheets if you choose. Purchase a dozen baby food jars—get a variety to make the game more interesting! 2. Cover the label of each jar and write a number on each. 3. Provide your guests with a sheet of paper and a pencil. 4. Your guests will then examine each jar, smelling and even tasting it to guess which flavor the baby food . Jul 09,  · Fun Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Actually Want to Play. Melt candy bars inside diapers, and have guests guess which kind is in each diaper. Playdough babies is another fun game. Provide little canisters of playdough and cupcake liners for your guests to mold their own babies. Have prizes for the cutest, ugliest, weirdest, Donella Crigger. Favourite baby shower game suggestions from other parents: Full block of chocolate in a nappy and partially melt it in the microwave. Then use it like pass the parcel when the music stops the person with the nappy has to eat any of the hard bits that they can within a certain amount of time. Let’s be honest: Funny baby shower games are just automatically fun baby shower games. Here’s quite possibly the silliest round-up ever. Baby shower game: Pass The Dirty Diaper What you need: Chocolate, a diaper and a music playlist. Before the party: Melt the chocolate and pour onto the Rose Walano.

bee themed baby shower games

Midway through the shower, pull a ticket and award that ticket holder a prize. Who has always gotten at least eight hours of sleep every night? Then: hot potato! Before the party: Place the gender-revealing object under the hat. Draw a line down the middle of a sheet of paper. But then again, who can resist the power of chocolate? Guests then have to place a quarter between their knees, waddle to the container and drop the quarter into it without using their hands. As is the case with any party, the best baby showers are those where the conversation is lively and time seems to fly.

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So why not add a few of the 15 hilarious and fun baby shower games? Have her lift the hat so the guests can find out! Give a jar of applesauce and two spoons to each team and have them feed each other. Feed the baby is fun for coed showers. Whoever has the most correct responses wins.

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Whoever answers the most correctly wins. Baby shower game: Find the Guest! My sister participated in one where they filled all the bottles with wine, and she came in second. Baby shower game: Baby Shower Grab What you need: Baby clothes, hangers, baby clothes pins and a timer. For instance, lipstick is one point. How to play: Give each guest a sheet of paper and a pen, then randomly pass the bags out to.

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