ballad of big al game

ballad of big al game

To coincide with the release of the program The Ballad of Big Al (a spin-off of the Walking With Dinosaurs series), the BBC released an online role-playing game, called the Big Al player would guide a growing Allosaurus through the dangers of the Late Jurassic, and learn information about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals on the way. Where did it all start? The Ballad of Big Al is the story of an Allosaurus, a large carnivorous dinosaur, which lived in the Late Jurassic around million years ago. Big Al was found near Howe. Dec 25,  · The Ballad of Big Al - broadcast in North America as Allosaurus: A Walking with Dinosaurs Special - is the first special in the Walking with Dinosaurs franchise. The story starts in the University of Wyoming Geological Museum on a stormy night. We see a . Big Al Game was a text adventure-like game created by Alex Freeman, who was scientific researcher on the programme, to accompany The Ballad of Big Al. The game has since been taken down by the BBC and replaced by the "Planet Dinosaur Game".

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A children's book was made, called Allosaurus! Walking with The special begins at the University of Wyoming , showing the bones of a sauropod followed by an Allosaurus named Big Al. The player had to keep eating to stay fit as energy is lost from even moving on the map and to add more weight to gain a level. When the mother leaves the hatchlings temporarily, a year-old Allosaurus comes out of hiding and kills one of them luckily, the victim was not Al.

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Al encounters a mud pool, which the latest victim was a stegosaurus and the smelly carcass attracted other carnivores and a two Allosaurus get trapped while eating the carcass. After an intense fight, the Allosaurus separate the old and sick one from the rest of the herd, who leave them behind. Elsewhere on the web Allosaurus. Eventually, the rains finally arrived, and buried his body for million years. The special begins at the University of Wyoming , showing the bones of a sauropod followed by an Allosaurus named Big Al.

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At this level, the young Al can only hunt small animals such as centipedes, scorpions, and lizards. The young hatch out of the eggs, whilst the mother carefully digs them out. Following episode Big Al Uncovered. Retrieved 19 September Broadcast information. The fact that many fossil dinosaur nests have been found in the same areas suggests that there was stiff competition to find a good nest site among dinosaurs too. At the final level, Adult, Big Al's objective is to find mates to breed with and is able to defeat even larger animals, including adult Allosaurus.

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