basketball drill games for kids

basketball drill games for kids

Youth Basketball Practices Games. These are drills that can be used as games to keep practices interesting and fun. Monkey In The Middle. We all played this game as kids, but it can actually be used as a great basketball drill. How to perform: Designate a distance two players should be from each other, and have one person in the Coach A. Either way, there are numerous games played with a ball and basket that youngsters of all skill levels will enjoy. Here are plenty of H-O-R-S-E alternatives kids can play with just a basketball and a Brian Kendall And Angela Bekkala. We use basketball drills to facilitate personal player development, as well as teaching teams skills. Below are many basketball drills that you can use to help teach the skills your players and team Dr. James Gels.

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Coaching Points: Players are not allowed to throw the ball between a teammates legs, the ball must be rolled. If a minnow comes within reach of them, they can tag them to get them out. Divide your group into two or more even teams. Transition Offense Drills Just like a golf course, you can do this from 18 different spots on the court.

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For two foot reverse Mikans, repeat above except take a left-right step or right-left step into your layups. Coaching Points: Players must not jump too high on the jump stops. The first player beings on the first hole, a predetermined spot where he or she must shoot. Share this article. After that, select two players to be taggers and get everyone else to spread out around the court.

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Form shooting is perhaps the most important basketball drill young players can do. How it Works: The first thing that happens is that all players must match-up and stick to their individual opponent. If a player who is not "it" gets touched by a tagger, steps off of a line or losses control of their ball, they are "out" until the next game. They then jog to the end of the line. Make sure to plant that outside foot and explode when changing directions. Stop the game if you see a mistake 3 times in a row. The round stops when each minnow has successfully made it across to the other baseline or has been turned into a shark. The object of this drill is to create some competition while enhancing dribbling skills at game speed. If a minnow loses their ball, they will become a shark in the next round.

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