bbc rocks and soils game

bbc rocks and soils game

KS2 Science Rocks, soils and fossils learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers. Homepage. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Know rock, water, plants, and soil provide many resources, including food, fuel, and building materials, that humans use Weigh all possible courses of action and choose or sequence them to achieve the desired outcome (Intermediate). Rocks & Minerals. Geology Game - Rock Types. Rock Stars. Rocks and Soils game. Minerals Mix and Match. The Solid Earth (crystals) The Rock Cycle. Rock Games. Minerals Games. Science Games. Freddy's Game List. More Free Games for Kids. Rocks, minerals and soils have different characteristics that set them apart from others. Find out about the properties of rocks such as slate, marble, chalk, granite and pumice. Which rocks split? Can you find a rock that floats? Answer these and other scientific questions with this cool science game. Apr 12,  · Language games matching cards word mats picture vocabulary cards word search science dictionary crossword supporting year 4 rocks and soils science language. Part of a large scheme - see the read me file for more details. Teachers KS2 Science Name: Date: Rocks and soils BBC © Look out for types of rock at home, school or when you are outside. See.

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Sign In Don't have an account? The Trickster is forcing humans to mine for minerals from rocks and soils which gives him power. Change language English. Limestone and its usage An explanation of how rocks are mined and what limestone is used for. This causes a weakness in time and is draining life from Earth. As a reward for finishing the game the children got a K9 colour-in. What is stone used for? Then Rani says something about the materials, forexample that they split easily or are very durable.

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A stonemason explains what stone is used for in daily life. Cancel Save. Categories :. Games listed here are only those that have been officially licensed by the BBC. Rocks no narration A compilation of clips showing rocks in a variety of forms and locations. The effect of weather on rocks How rocks on the Earth's surface can be worn away by the weather into interesting shapes.

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KS2 Bitesize. What is stone used for? As a reward for finishing the game the children got a K9 colour-in. If the time for the game is up the player can repeat his last action again and again until he finally succeeds. It was part of the KS2 Bitesize Science project, where children learned math, English and science by playing video games.

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