best battlefield game xbox 360

best battlefield game xbox 360

Every Battlefield game, including Battlefield 5, ranked from worst to best By Alex Avard TZ Feature Now that Battlefield 5 is out, see where it ranked in our list of the best Author: Alex Avard. The game modes are so fun and entertaining It's actually hard for it to get boring. The game is great on but Xbox one version is just soooo much better graphics is better the frame rate is twice as more then , it runs so smooth and the best part is the xbox one can hold up to 62 players in one game/5(). Bad Company 2. Good solid combined warfare game because the maps were slightly smaller and not super flat and open and, depending on the server, had a decent netcode (which makes the older ones like and 2 super rough to play since the netcode is awful in those games). Modern warfare2 for xbox is by far the best multiplayer game for xbox the campaign is great spec-ops is fun the only down side about modernwarfare 2 is that it is easy for modders to get in and cheat but when u end up beating them that makes you feel even better also I believe this game is better then black ops because the guns are /5(). Apr 20,  · Update: Now that production on the Xbox has ceased, join us as we look back at the most outstanding games on Microsoft's most successful console to Author: Randolph Ramsay. Dec 28,  · Well I guess this is what happens when DICE makes a star wars game and battlefield game in the same forget WTF they are doing and make a cop game, and title it like all of their other military games. All kidding aside. The campaign is OK. Nothing special. Multiplayer is kind of cool with new game modes and decent sized maps/5(). Oct 29,  · Metacritic Game Reviews, Battlefield 4 for Xbox , Battlefield 4 is an action blockbuster that aims for unrivaled destruction. Fueled by Frostbite 3, Battlefield 4 allows you to demolish t 79%(21). Xbox One games; Xbox games; Games with Gold; Deals with Gold; Xbox One X Enhanced games; Backward compatible games; PC games. PC gaming with Xbox Xbox Game Pass Xbox Play Anywhere Redeem Code; Sales & Specials.

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Aside from the unpleasant graphics, lifeless settings, and serious lack of features like the ability to switch characters, Battlefield Play4Free suffered from an identity crisis. All of our employees, agents and partners are committed to keeping your data confidential. It features just a handful of multiplayer maps, vehicles, and weapons, with no single player experience to speak of whatsoever. Its approach to WWII veers slightly into the silly, but it makes up for that in fun gameplay and really good sound design. It's easy to lose hours to trivial tasks, and discovering all the secrets tucked away creates a truly memorable adventure. As always, the multiplayer is the highlight of the game, no doubt about it. When you finally conquer something that has been hounding you for hours, you feel like the best darn explorer on the planet, and that feeling overshadows all the hardships you overcame down the troubled path you traveled. We polled the Game Informer staff to create some order to this chaos and rank the Battlefield games from worst to best, offering justification for each placement.

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No one really knew what to expect when Battlefield: Bad Company rolled into stores. BC2 for me. It turns out that cops and crooks works very well for this series, because the Heist and Blood Money modes are incredibly fun. So broken with stuff like that. Felt like a revelation at the time with the huge maps and huge player counts.

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Play Video. I absolutely loved that game, and it was a game my brother and I played a lot together and did fairly well in, so that's my reason. Whether you're slashing a dragon's wings, raising the dead back to life, or experimenting at the alchemy table, Skyrim performs the most spectacular of enchantments: the one that causes huge chunks of time to vanish before you know it. Release Date November 22, Modern Combat only had two modes and was so poorly optimized that gamers barely stayed connected through an entire match. People can get all snippy about PC vs Console players all they want By Giuseppe Nelva July 22,

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