best competitive fps games 2018

best competitive fps games 2018

The last few years have been good to the FPS, bringing breakouts like Overwatch and PUBG and continued growth of competitive shooters like CS:GO and Author: Joseph Knoop. Top esports games in , including new and upcoming competitive video games branching into the esport market. This page aims to guide readers on the best esports games in , understanding how they work and why they’re popular, and the upcoming esports games that will make it big this year. Overwatch is the most anticipated Author: Nathan Misa. Jan 01,  · Games have evolved beyond expectations and system requirements are continuously on the rise. Next gen graphics have taken over and gamers want a more realistic experience from gaming. In , FPS lovers are in for a treat as the games are not only beautiful to look at, they are equally good to play too. Here is the list of best First-Person Author: Aswin Rajeev. Apr 06,  · It’s , which means a whole new (and old) slew of games will light up the esports and competitive scene. It’s only been three months into and already, there are a Author: Jonathan Leo. Sep 24,  · To be honest, the competitive FPS scene right now is pretty boring and stale. This might be a personal opinion, but I think most of us are waiting for the next big hit. Overwatch is the newest of competitive FPS games and it was released over a year ago. Jan 12,  · 6 Competitive Games To Watch For In A whole array of awesome looking games should make a very competitive year — and that doesn't even Author: Joab Gilroy. May 30,  · Biggest New FPS Games of & Beyond. Shooter fan? We've cooked up a list of some of the biggest new FPS games for you throw your money and bullets at. Jun 28,  · Do you like to win? If so, the best competitive games are the perfect way to channel your fighting spirit into fun, action-packed bursts of entertainment. First-person Shooter, RPG; As of there are over million registered Hearthstone accounts. One of the things that makes Hearthstone so cool, is that it works flawlessly on so.

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Assume the position of a soldier from the Rainbow team, and use your unique skills to make it through the mission. Next gen graphics have taken over and gamers want a more realistic experience from gaming. Where can I buy it: Steam , or disc. One fine day, Blizzard decided that they wanted to take over multiplayer shooters. A combination of straight-up shooting and team tactics, with a starring quartet who managed to turn a minimum of broad personalities into a maximum impact. Pin It on Pinterest. Available for all major platforms, Rocket league sports exciting game mechanics and offers a unique twist on competitive gaming. You can feel your brain firing as you sprint between weapon and armor pickups, anticipate which route your rival will take, and time a perfect pass over the quad-damage power-up to grab it just as it refreshes.

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Left 4 Dead 2 7. Recent Reviews. You have never had more ways to digitally kill stuff. Players can use their same account to play on PC, consoles and mobile. Battlefield 3 and 4 are probably the way to go if you want a more focused war, or one which requires less dedication to a team.

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All hail the king of MOBAs. A PVP game featuring ship-to-ship combat, Skull and Bones resembles a fast-paced World of Warships in a lot of ways — which is ironic, because it's set around years before Wargaming's ship game. You can travel through the solar system on missions, explore the sandbox-style world, or try your hand at PvP in the Crucible! In fact, the primary mechanic is movement. See also Deus Ex.

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