best controller for fighting games

best controller for fighting games

Oct 19,  · The traditional arcade stick is the most popular controller choice in the pro fighting game community, and for good reason: most fighting games are designed for it. Arcade sticks are built out of the exact same parts that classic arcade cabinets are made from, so Author: Angelo M. D'argenio. 15 PC Games You Should Play With A Controller. Keyboard and mouse might be the old standards of the PC platform, but they're by no means the only way to game on a computer. Native support for Xbox Author: Andrew Melcon. Top comment " The best control for fighting games.I mainly use this controller as a spare I'm using the controller that came with the system but it's always good to have a backup and when you buy a controller always make sure you get a warranty you know how we all are with controllers the buttons wear out but the controller still turns on what's good of a controller when buttons don't work"/5(K). Mar 02,  · There's no "best controllers for fighting games", but there is very bad ones. And the X pad is one of them. It's one of the worst D-pad in a controller. Instead of being 4 different buttons below the cross, this is a disk. It's very hard to do precise controls with it, which is . The industry leaders in arcade-style fight sticks are Mad Catz [1,2], an American company based in San Diego, and Hori [3], a Japanese company based in Yokohama. Mad Catz has been officially commissioned by Capcom to produce fight sticks for Str. Jan 19,  · I play a lot of fighting games and personally I own a 2 Tournament Editions 2 Fight Sticks by madcatz, an elite controller and the regular one. I personally think if you want to play fighting games an arcade stick is the way to go. Jun 24,  · These PS4 fighting games stand at the top of the list of titles that should become a part of your library. Here are the best of the best fighters on PlayStation 4 so Elton Jones. Sep 17,  · Any Controller with a Directional Pad on it will work just fine for fighting Games To be honest X-Box & X-Box One Controllers are your best bet, I have a Controller, & it works great on PC Games Most Controllers I have tried never actually worked in Games, & if they did work, then they would not work very well.

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There are some downsides, however. Driving controls simply do not work well without it. Capcom, Dimps. Read More From Heavy. A lack of meaningful single-player content, a small roster, and online connectivity issues hampered the initial launch of the game.

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I do better with the sticks than using the D-Pad on the F A poor workman always blames his tools Buy Dragon Ball FighterZ here. Likewise, you can't tell us every Grand Theft Auto or Far Cry game isn't enhanced when you switch over to the best PC controller can deliver. Buy Gundam Versus here. It doesn't look as durable as the Xbox One controller, but it's durable.

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Would be better off with a PS3 controller or a pad which he might already have at that point. Arcrayon View Profile View Posts. Jubei is finally playable, plus a bunch of console exclusive fighters and previously unseen fighters became available. The dpad is so bad you may as well replace it with jello. The BlazBlue games have steadily improved as massive updated versions have been released. The grips are huge, part of an intentional convex design meant to arch your thumbs over the touchpads comfortably.

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