best fighting games ps4 2018

best fighting games ps4 2018

Aug 08,  · Brace for combat with this list of the most anticipated fighting videogames coming soon to the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch. Go one-on-one with these upcoming fighting Author: whatoplay. There's something for just about everyone, but what are the best fighting games on PS4? We've gathered together what we think are the top 15 titles on Sony's system, taking into account polish. Buy PS4 fighting games at GameStop. Shop our huge selection of new and used PlayStation 4 fighting games at

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Hopefully, these issues see some kind of improvement in the future. Buy Injustice 2 here. French Bread, Arc System Works. Read More From Heavy Marvel vs. After enjoying a nice run on the PS3, a more complete version of the game has finally graced the PS4. Arc System Works is known for regularly updating their fighters and giving then even weirder sub-titles.

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It was only a matter of time until SNK gave that same treatment to one of its best King of Fighters entries. This Ultimate Edition of the first game comes with everything that was offered at launch. The latest and greatest version of that game is the only one you need to seek out. The recently confirmed Season 2 of six extra characters shows that Bandai Namco is planning on supporting the title for at least the next year or so, which is good for those looking for a competitive game, while the single player content is a bit disappointing. Team Ninja, Koei Tecmo. With plenty of modes to enjoy, a unique Gougi Boost system, and constant developer support, Fighting EX Layer is a fighter worth its weight in gold.

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It has one of the better rosters of any current fighting game, some beefy single player content and solid netcode. The REV 2 update brings a highly requested female samurai and a unique ninja businessman to the fray — Baiken and Answer. Bandai Namco Entertainment, Project Soul. All those Super Saiyans, androids, and human Dragon Ball icons look amazing as they physically bash each other relentlessly and send their opponents through nearby buildings. This version of SF4 is jam packed with everything a Street Fighter fan could ever want — a massive roster, deep and rewarding mechanics, a strong online component, a wide variety of costumes, and the ability to play with earlier iterations of every character. The amazing 2D sprites and stage art will pop out to you immediately and the charismatic roster and crazy combo antics will keep you playing. Buy Dead or Alive 5: Last Round here.

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