best games to play when your high

best games to play when your high

Choosing the best video games to play when you're high can be as much of an existential crisis as choosing the best snack: they're ALL good, man. Yet, there are some clear standouts. Rank your bake-n-play favorites! Vote up the best video games to play when you're stoned. 1 VOTES. Aug 01,  · This is easily the best game I’ve played in the last ten years, and one of my top five favorites of all time. You play as an android, tasked with saving the Earth from robots so humans may Author: Beckett Mufson. Mar 21,  · Some of the best games are the easy addictive ones like Scoops. This is a game where you stack ice cream as high as you can without tipping over. Meanwhile, all the scoops look just as delicious animated as they do in real life. Nov 07,  · And if you don't want her to get high and play video games keep all that stuff away from her its that simple. don't blame society it ain't society's fault if your gonna blame anyone blame yourself. Nov 24,  · This was a debate between me and my friends what there favourite game to play while high is and i wanted your guys opinion ob the best games to play while stoned, mine for example is shadow of the colossus like the art and soundtrack is just awesome. Learn the best stoner games to play while getting high with your friends. Add fun to your smoke sessions by playing stoner games while you spark up. Learn the best stoner games to play while getting high with your friends. Add fun to your smoke sessions by playing stoner games while you spark up. Cannabis How Tos, News and Reviews. Jun 21,  · City building games are my favorite when high (Anno, Tropico, Sim city, Cities XL, Banished, etc). There is usually a lot of give in the pace of the game allowing you to just kinda zone out for a bit and watch things. Plus they have an inherent creative bent to them and can be quite stunning graphic-wise if you play a newer one. May 11,  · The Well is the perfect music game to play while high I just released my 3d casual music game for the iphone, called The Well. It is the perfect game for stoners. In fact, it was while stoned that I came up with the game, and while stones, I play it constantly! It lets you play with any of the music in your library, so you can't run up your.

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Anyone that fails the song or loses timing through laughter has to take a draw from their joint. You might also like:. Enter Go back. The challenge keeps gameplay fresh. We want you to be one of us Sing up for the rqs newsletter to. Aug 1 , pm. But this pales in comparison to the scale of Guns of the Patriots , wrapping up the story of hero Solid Snake in a sprawling, continent-hopping tale of deception and nuclear warfare.

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Join us and get a special welcome gift! But were these strain selections actually a good pairing with these games, or did they lead to consumer regret? I told him it's probably time to get another hobby Lastly, flick your head forward and breathe out quickly. Log in or Sign up. Us old stoners can find immense pleasure in gaming while high — now if we can just get AARP on board with it….

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Follow Beckett Mufson on Twitter and Instagram. Grow up. Love your Oliva Munn Pics msjr. Just letting you know man. Reach critical mass, and you can replace the stars. Download the newest Geometry Wars and stack up hours in this 3D world. You might also like:. It works on multiple letters, but "P" is my favorite.

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