best gears of war game

best gears of war game

Nov 21,  · Gears of war 1 - at the time of its release there was no game on any console comparable to the graphics and style this game had Gears of war 2 - awesome all around and best . Oct 06,  · Gears of War 2 is about a giant worm trying to sink a city. It’s as though Epic looked at the original and said, “let’s improve on everything we did with this, but also take it way over the. Sep 30,  · So what is your favourite gears of war game including campaign and multiplayer, to bee honest i really enjoy gears of war 3 its campaign is fun and good storyline and characters, sadly didnt. Jun 12,  · Considering we had one for Halo, it's only right that Gears gets of War 3 > Gears of War 1 > Gears of War 2 > Gears of War Judgement (imo)Gears of War 3 . Sep 08,  · I have a soft spot for Gears of War 1, but I wouldn't argue with anyone who says that Gears of War 2 is a better game. I'm torn. I played maybe half of Gears of War 4, but was juggling too many games and burnout and didn't finish it. I'm regretful and need to go back.

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Also Judgement shouldn't be on the list, it was trash IMO. I like 2, but its story is way serious for its own good and it trashes so much of the tension from the first game when it reveals at the beginning that there's actually a huge amount of platoons ready to fight the Locust. Slicer Dyster Member. Betty The Fallen. Oct 27, 3, By Giuseppe Nelva July 22,

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I like 3 the most, I think The Judgement campaign is underrated though. Didn't even play the single player in most. Horde was a great premise back in and honestly the game's campaign has a few great parts but it's not nearly as good as the first's. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the multiplayer. Jobbs Member. I'm not GoW expert but I enjoyed 3 more than the others.

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Dimir Agent Banned. The one where they fight the creatures that come form the ground. Gears 2 campaign was fun but gimmicky, horde mode was a first and it was great; multiplayer was decent after a few updates but it just doesn't compare to the first two. Dec 20, 2, Belgium. Small things like being able to tag enemies for your teammates or swapping weapons make even competitive modes feel cooperative.

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