best ipad puzzle games 2018

best ipad puzzle games 2018

Jul 20,  · Read Also: Best top 10 Offline Music Games For iPhone and iPad Top 10 Offline Puzzle Games for iPhone or iPad !: This is very addictive brain trainer game and this game is most popular game in the world of puzzle game. This is a block game which will challenge you. Apr 06,  · For my previous top 10 iOS games lists, see my posts below. Best iOS Paid Games Part 1 for iPad and iPhone 1. The Room: Old Sins Best iOS Paid Games Part 1 – The Room Old Sins. From: Fireproof Games. Genres: Puzzle, Adventure, Atmospheric, Point & Click, Mystery, Horror, Hidden Object, Steampunk. Released: January Best puzzle game for iPad brain game #1. The Room Two. Cut the Rope. Mountain Valley- Puzzle games for iPhone. Aces Traffic Pack Classic. Threes! – Puzzle games for iPhone. Hoplite – Puzzle games for iPhone. Jan 03,  · Our next best puzzle game for ios / iphone is Pivoto. This game is fairly new having recently been released. This game is fairly new having recently been released. It is a level based game where you have to turn widgets quickly in order to solve each Fliptroniks. Best racing game for iPhone and iPad: GRID Autosport. You hear the term ‘console quality’ quite a lot with mobile games, but GRID Autosport actually is the Codemasters AAA hit shoved into your iPhone or iPad. This means you get cars, circuits, and a ton of options to adjust how everything works.

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Download Godus. In Godus, players take on the role of God, working to acquire and keep followers as the player continues to build and advance his or her kingdom. One of the App Store's early puzzle hits is still one of its best. Each one requires a variety of solutions to open it and advance the spooky narrative. Clash of Clans is a much-loved strategy title with hundreds of thousands of players across multiple platforms.

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Developer: Pine Street Codeworks. The virtue of Wordscapes lies in its simplicity, as this app puts a mobile spin on the classic word search and crossword formula. However, it takes a hearty amount of skill, as every day that passes by gets much more difficult. Search for: Search. This game mixes light and dark to create a beautiful world of contrasts which is a pleasure to look at and interact with.

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Naturally, they all pilot tiny planes rather than use their own wings. Each puzzle you come across is different than the last, and with no instruction, you must use clues and intuition to make it through. It's a lot more challenging than it sounds, but thanks to the vibrant colors and soothing soundtrack, it's also fairly engrossing. Hitman Go brings players into a turn-based strategy game. This game requires you to draw lines to collect colored circles around the screen. Sign up now! Download Bastion.

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