best new fps games 2018

best new fps games 2018

Jan 01,  · The new movement system, a huge arsenal of weapons, and a graphics retouch makes it one of the best FPS games of This hardcore combat-oriented title is available to play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Do give it a try if you haven’t yet played it. You’ll love all the new and old school play for sure. Also check: Best Racing Games for AndroidAuthor: Aswin Rajeev. The last few years have been good to the FPS, bringing breakouts like Overwatch and PUBG and continued growth of competitive shooters like CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege. Can Author: Joseph Knoop. Another year is almost in the bag? Where did the time go? Oh, that's right, it went into playing all of 's awesome FPS titles! But enough of the past: now its time to look to the future! From horror to comedy and plenty of historic battle recreations, there are 11 FPS games you should be looking Author: Ty Arthur.

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Please enter your email address here Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The humans are waging war against the Augmented Humanoids while the world plunges into chaos. Yes, it will be massive -- as these games need to be -- with up to players battling each other at once. Please enter your comment! Another year is almost in the bag?

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This granddaddy of FPS hybrids was rightly heralded as an amazing breakthrough when it arrived in , and there's no question the series played a major role in influencing beloved FPS titles like Bioshock. See comments. There's also a painstaking level of work going into the game's maps, with the developer recreating French villages based on archived footage and satellite photos. Shoot your way through the critters, or dig your way around in a fully destructible environment. News MobiPicks How-To.

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Whether the game actually arrives next year is a little up in the air, as at this point, there's nothing even approximating a release window from the developer and no actual video trailers have arrived featuring anything resembling finished gameplay. This question can better be answered by you the players. The humans are waging war against the Augmented Humanoids while the world plunges into chaos. Civil War -- probably because tactics in that war consisted of "line up, stupidly put your Colonel in front, and fire at each other while running forward until you run out of ammo. As the only hope of survival, you get tasked to find the demons and kill them before the matter gets out of hands. Here they are.

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