best open world games 2014

best open world games 2014

Dec 21,  · Today, we're looking at two of the open-world experiences we're most excited to get our hands on in Open-world gaming in belonged to Grand Theft Auto V, a sprawling, violent Author: Charlie Harrington. Dec 26,  · The 10 best PC games of From puzzlers to old-school RPGs and a whole lot more, these titles were the cream of the PC gaming crop in Unraveling Dark Souls II's bleak world is an. Sep 27,  · Here are 10 other open-world games that you can explore for weeks and years to come, starting with the dragon-infested fantasy land of Tamriel. Author: Alex Cocilova. The 6 Best Open World PC Games for In no particular order, here are the best 6 open world PC games available to gamers today: Grand Theft Auto IV. It’s no Grand Theft Auto V, but since , PC gamers have been satisfied with GTA IV, which offers open world gameplay across the sprawling expanse of Liberty City, which is based on New.

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The insanely customizable combat system. Next Up: Check out these related slideshows. This may require tracking down dozens of files in different locations. I don't want to come to blows with Brad, though. As you explore the dusty Western world, searching for your target, you can go where you like and do what you want, including accusing anyone, at anytime, of being the killer.

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Visit a tropical paradise as the adrenaline-fueled stuntman your 8-year-old self always dreamed of becoming. Batman: Arkham City. All we've seen so far is the first of five scheduled chapters. Without further ado, let's start with a game from Ubisoft. This post-apocalyptic follow-up to a year-old game has its share of weird quirks. Name Required.

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We're in a golden age of open world games, sprawling sandboxes where player choice rules above all else. That only adds to the carnage when things inevitably go wrong. The music. With efforts such as OpenMW and Skywind to bring Morrowind into the modern era, there may be life in it still. Which games are our editors most looking forward to over the next 12 months?

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