best pc adventure games 2013

best pc adventure games 2013

IGN's Best of at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies Gone Home strikes us as fundamentally "true" in a way that most games simply aren't. Best PC Adventure Game. The best PC games of StarQuail Games. Release: May. Link. What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to play retro 2D action games, much like the Author: Pcgamer. Welcome to's top PC Action games of , a list of the best videogames, created from editorial reviews on the site. It's the perfect tool to find that great game you haven't played. Jun 28,  · The best game yet in the series, The Room Three is the first to really qualify as a full-fledged puzzle-adventure game, with varied areas to explore, an assortment of new challenges to overcome, and a continuation of the intriguing storyline established in earlier games. Jan 10,  · What makes Lara Croft's reboot the best PC action-adventure of ? Its fearlessness to reinvent a beloved PC gaming character as it throws her head-first into the treacherous island of Yamatai. There were many reservations as to how well Rockstar was going to optimize the game for PC, as some of their past games had a lot of trouble in this area. Luckily it looks as though the game has been optimized quite well with the specs being quite reasonable in order to achieve 60FPS in p on the best settings. See More. The best games of As we inch ever closer to , December's light release schedule provides a perfect opportunity to reflect on all the great games that came out this Gamesradar Staff. may have been the year of the new consoles, but that didn't mean there weren't plenty of great games left over for the PC crowd. There were some masterful racers, some hella good shooters.

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It's a long way from fulfilling all of its pledged feature-set however, with a good deal of work to be done to get before it competes either visually or mechanically with existing zombie shooters. Retrovirus Publisher: Cadenza Interactive Release: 31 January Link A shooter with six-axes of freedom, Retrovirus matches the zippy pace of FPS games of yore with the stomach-spinning spatial freedom of disorienting shooter classic, Descent. Lost Planet 3 Publisher: Capcom Release: August 27 Link Previous instalments in this thirdperson shooter series have been an intriguing but not always comfortable mix of Gears of War and Shadow of the Colossus, with players cooperatively slaying giant beasts and hordes of future-pirates on the world of EDN 3 - in the first instance a bleak ball of ice, thawing to a steaming jungle in its sequel. But the undeniably best part is the driving itself: It has never, ever felt so good. Where's it got to since? This arena-based fighting game pitches its top-down co-op combat somewhere between Left 4 Dead and Diablo, with four divergent classes and a cooperative combo system. It's still very early days, but worth keeping an eye on. That you use against aliens.

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On the surface a side-scrolling action game, Moon Intern quickly reveals itself to be something much more reactive and dynamic, with missions, jobs and events being generated on the fly to suit your playstyle. This one promises to add themes of insanity and perception to the traditional jump-scares and body-horror. One day you may find yourself delivering lightbulbs and the next exorcising a haunted space station - each mission allowing for a variety of solutions, and whichever you choose biases the selection of future missions towards either action or puzzle. You also get to wreck men's minds by jumping into their memory and replaying events to reconfigure their recollection. While Splinter Cell: Conviction saw Sam on the lam, decimating a small army of enemies with little attempt at secrecy, Blacklist's latest trailers show off non-lethal takedowns - much more to the tastes of the discerning spy.

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Players take on the role of the Tenno, a race of space-ninjas battling against their former overlords, the Grineer, by suiting up with specialised exoskeletons known as Warframes. And as silly as the game sounds on the surface, the humor is often incredibly subtle and restrained. Are you afraid of the Dark? Talking butter. There were wails of anguish in console-land when this reboot of beloved demon-bashing combo-brawler Devil May Cry was first announced. It's a long way from fulfilling all of its pledged feature-set however, with a good deal of work to be done to get before it competes either visually or mechanically with existing zombie shooters. With IV, Volition's open world crime series has shed most of its similarities to GTA, while smoothing off its remaining nasty edges in the process. NetherRealm's Mortal Kombat reboot boasts a surprisingly detailed story, the usual memorably ridiculous characters, and more discarded spines than the bin outside your local butcher shop.

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