best ps4 horror games 2018

best ps4 horror games 2018

Mar 05,  · Honourable Mentions. That was a list of some of the best horror games for PS4 in However, there are a number of games that you might notice were not included. That’s because they have not been confirmed for release in So, let’s take a quick look at these brilliant horror games that will hopefully come out this Gareth Torrance. Jun 06,  · A good horror game is perennial; it can be played any time, anywhere, and still scare us silly. With that in mind, now seems as good a time as any to break down the best horror games you can play right now on your PS4 Home. Best Overall: The Last of Us: Remastered at Amazon, “A brilliant masterpiece in gaming and the best PS4 horror game on the list.” Best Multiplayer: Dead by Daylight at Amazon, “Four players team up as survivors against one player who’s a savage killer.”. Oct 17,  · From survival horror games to eerie visual novels, these are the scary games on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC that will keep you up at night. , pm EDT Share Tweet Share. Share Author: Emily Heller. Apr 28,  · If you’ve ever played the best PS4 horror games, you may know what they mean. The constant tension, the increased heart rate, the occasional jump . Sep 25,  · The Best Horror Games For Halloween For The Artistic: Layers of Fear. Platform(s): PC, PS4, XB1, Switch. The game that made Bloober a household horror name, Layers of Fear is the perfect Author: Jimmy Donnellan, Cultured Vultures. For fans of horror games, may seem like it wasn’t a great year. Some of the most anticipated horror games of were flops, like the critically-lambasted Agony and the disappointing Call Author: Dalton Cooper. Sep 17,  · The PS4, in particular, has got more than its fair share of horror titles to choose from. So we’ve spent some time thinking about what are our top 10 horror games available for the PS4. With Halloween coming in the not so distant future, we’ve come up with the following list which should please even the hardest to Matthew Parker.

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From our The Evil Within 2 review :. Interactive Entertainment. You can enjoy the whole gameplay in multiplayer mode and enjoy keeping yourself safe from the Zombies. A back-to-basics approach served Capcom well with the seventh instalment in the venerable horror franchise. What happened to the intervening months? It offers competitive Co-Op gameplay as well and lets you defeat your friends by killing more Zombies.

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All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Evil Within 2 is the best third-person survival horror video game for the PS4 and offers eye-catching visuals, atmospheres and gameplay that will spur your excitement as you fight against living horrors to rescue your long lost daughter. Instead, The Astronauts suck you in with even pacing and frequent creepy moments. One wrong step can land you right in the middle of a group of bloodthirsty zombies. Overall, State of Decay 2 is a zombie-survival game that lets players have their own unique story.

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Your only hope in surviving the infected city is a diverse arsenal of craftable items and upgradeable weapons. What follows is a frenzied rollercoaster ride, during which players have access to approximately zero weapons or ways to defend themselves. This is one of many games on this list of the best PS4 horror games that benefits from great use of atmosphere and sound design, and Anima drives that point pretty hard. While the story is passable at best, maneuvering throughout the quarantine zone will keep your heart racing. The Forest is finally coming out of its early access stage this year.

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