best skateboarding games for pc

best skateboarding games for pc

Find the best PC Skateboarding/Skating games on GameSpot, including Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4! We’re not just reminiscing old games here either, as we’ve also included a number of new and upcoming skateboard games that you may not have heard of. The best skateboard games on PC are: Tony Author: Iain Harris. The Top Ten. 1 Skate. Both Skate And Skate 2 Are Masterful - rjhype. the best there is only hard to do front flip. Very good game but getting up the stairs and down the stairs is very hard because you always have to find a way around because you can't walk in the game but its super awesome. May 22,  · The ultimate round up of skateboarding games is here! We have listed the best skateboarding video games out there. As we reviewed games from the last two decades you might have to fire up an emulator to enjoy playing these games or dig out an old console, but it . The PC is the perfect platform for a skateboarding game in this day and age. It can only be one thing: people demanding Skate 4 on EA's Instagram account. Seriously, go look at any of the pictures on that account and see how each one is plagued with pleas for Skate 4. EA might have stopped making its fantastic skateboarding series, Author: Mat Paget.

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However, developer True Axis took itself to Kickstarter in the hopes of making a version for PC that, yes, you can play with a controller. While the classic Tony Hawk gameplay is still fantastic after all this time, the new story mode doesn't make as dramatic of a change as it probably could have. The OlliOlli series is fantastic and definitely worth checking out, but it's not exactly the same thing. With rumblings of skateboarding video games coming from several corners of development, I'm excited as ever to see some new games based on my favourite extreme sport. As we reviewed games from the last two decades you might have to fire up an emulator to enjoy playing these games or dig out an old console, but it is something worth doing!

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I take a huge ramp, only to kick my board away, and aim myself like a torpedo directly at the ground. Thrilling longboard downhill race starts! And there you have it, the best skateboard games to attract any Sk8er boi or girl. About the author. EA doesn't pay as much attention to the PC as it should. MTV Sports: Skateboarding is ultimately disappointing due to its average graphics, poor collision detection, and loose controls.

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As Tony Hawk ruled the streets, something new came, and it was Skate. You should not let simple design to fool you because you will sink many of your hours into it. As for actual games, Steam offers a few. Logitech G Lightspeed review: a gaming mouse for the ages. In this game, you play alone instead of the pro skater. I honestly think they'll make a Skate 4 one day, especially with how much fans seem to want it.

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