best star wars computer games

best star wars computer games

With the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it's time to look back at the best Star Wars games ever. It's been a scientific process too. We've sparked up our replica lightsabers, polished our Author: Andy Hartup. The 10 best Star Wars games of all time. Get fired up for The Last Jedi by revisiting these gems. by Andrew Hayward. Follow @ahaywa. 08 December / GMT. Dozens upon dozens of Star Wars games have been released since the early '80s, and the flood has never really subsided over the years. Pretty much every year has seen another game or. Looking for the best Star Wars computer games available today? Our guide to the best Star Wars games for PC has five of the greatest games of all time, along with an upcoming title that fans of Star Wars simply cannot miss. Whether you're looking for the best first and third-person shooter, RPG, strategy game, or MMO, our guide has all the best games for any gamer looking to get a Star Wars Benjamin Sell. Star Wars Rogue One: Boots on the Ground. Play. Ewok Village. The best Star Wars computer games have ruled the hearts of die-hard fans since the release of X-Wing. From platforming action to shooter to space flight sim to RTS and so on, Star Wars has appeared in just about every game genre you can think of. Players can enjoy the Empire at War RTS game or command their team in Republic Commando or just play through various fun levels in Lego Star Anurag Ghosh.

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The pod racing sequence is one of the rare scenes in Episode I that doesn't make us want to gouge our eyes out, and sure enough, the racing game based on it arguably the best game based on all three prequels. The game took a unique approach to story, fleshing out the events between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and portraying the Empire as heroic peacekeepers. Rogue Leader is a blast to play giving you a chance to take on the Empire as you engage in dangerous frontal attacks on massive Star Destroyers and blast your way through innumerable enemy TIEs. The legend you forge in KoToR is truly yours — every in-game decision you make brings you one step closer to the light or dark side of The Force, and the title's big story twist is one of the biggest surprises in any game, period. It might not hold up incredibly well, but Rebel Assault II was an admirable storytelling mishmash that inadvertently served as a taste of the photorealistic games we have today. Players can still be found online engaging in the usual swath of online multiplayer modes.

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With a completely new setting, branching dialogue trees fully voiced , and a host of awesome-looking character classes, The Old Republic may finally be the game that emerges as a legitimate challenger to World of Warcraft. The game is very engaging and immersive and one of the best Star Wars computer games with a space sim tag. This flight-simulator sequel introduced improved graphics and targeting mechanics, as well as a host of different TIE Fighters for you to soar around in. Your mentor Kreia spends much of the game criticizing the Jedi, and she always speaks about the Force in shades of gray. Missions have you single-handedly taking out escorts for a Rebel medical frigate, running a suicide bombing run on a massive capital ships, and playing wingman for Darth Vader. That rich, rarely used history serves as the perfect setting for an ever-expanding MMO.

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I mean truly fast. People get serious when it comes to lightsaber duels. Knights of the Old Republic has an open ended gameplay with several mini-quests. We weren't ready for that. While the movies are awesome, fans are thankfully not constrained to that single method for exploring the Star Wars universe. What we have done, like Rey desperately seeking Luke and finding him in Super Star Wars' fun and challenging gameplay still holds up today -- and you won't have to search the Dune Sea for the original Super Nintendo cartridge to play it. Subscribe now.

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