best story games ps4 2018

best story games ps4 2018

To help you decide which games you should fill your PlayStation 4 library with, we've put together this list of the best PS4 games available right now. We've even included whether or not they Author: Nick Pino. Apr 30,  · Long story short: it's a great time to be a PlayStation 4 owner. Before jumping into the new year, now is a great chance to revisit the best PS4 games of Author: Gamespot Staff. The clock is ticking on this console generation, which means there's never been a better time to tick all the best PS4 games off your must-play list. Sony is already starting to talk about PS5 Author: Sam Loveridge. There are two types of gamer in the world: people who play for scores, and those that play for the story. This, as the title suggests, is all about the latter. The best video game stories can have Author: Gamesradar Staff. Throw in an original story that puts a new spin on beloved Spidey friends and foes, like Mary Jane Watson, the Kingpin and Norman Osborn, and you've got what's easily one of the best games of Author: Marshall Honorof. In alphabetical order, here are our picks for the best PS4 games of , and what made them standouts in a year chock full of great games. The heart of the story lies with Otto Octavius Author: Gamespot Staff. Dec 10,  · Best Video Game Story of Welcome to IGN's Best of Awards, where we look back on the best games, movies, TV shows, comic books, anime, and Author: IGN Staff. Best PS4 Single Player Story Games. Best PS4 Racing Games. Best PS4 Open World Games. Thu 12th Jul ; Out of the games that I've played from that list, I'd say Horizon's story was the best.

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Also consider: Wolfenstein: The New Order. However you play GTA V — a multiplayer muckabout, a story-driven third-person actioner, a flight sim — it reveals itself to be the best game on both this generation and the last. Time is paused for all other units as you maneuver one; however, the unit you're moving can still take reaction fire from enemies with line-of-sight access to you. You get to go at your own pace; you don't need to worry about maintaining an online connection, and no one's screaming in your ear over voice chat. Being able to spend time with Chloe when her heart is at its lightest, and putting in the work to keep it going, is powerful and worthwhile.

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It's not an exhaustive collection of the different games, but it is a great, remastered trio of games that brings you the best of Wipeout racing and chaotic car combat. The game never stops finding new ways to hook you in, to the point that even the most painstaking and intensive playthroughs feel like they just fly by. Dark Souls doesn't need much introduction, but you can always find someone who hasn't tried this notorious series yet. The Banner Saga 3 won't have the same kind of meaningful impact if you haven't experienced the rest of the series. It stays so true to the franchise's first iteration that it'll feel as if almost no time has passed in the decade or so since the original game first came out. The single player campaign even feeds neatly into Battlefield 1's multiplayer mode which, while familiar, also benefits from the much-needed breath of life that the change in setting gives.

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Check out our full Horizon: Zero Dawn review. Great graphics, tight maps, and a good roster of characters to enjoy playing. The experience can be profound on a level you may never have expected from a classic puzzle game. Final Fantasy 12 is one of the most under appreciated and anomalous Final Fantasy games, first released in You won't be disappointed, trust us. There's nothing quite like Kingdom Hearts 3, and although it is madder than your average box of frogs, that's part of its charm. Two modes: cinematic with 4K, HDR and 30 fps or performance with 60 fps. Dark Souls 3 Dark Souls, the series that spawned a hundred imitators thanks to its emphasis on difficult-but-fair gameplay, came to a close with Dark Souls 3 , but what a way to go out.

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