best upcoming playstation vr games

best upcoming playstation vr games

The best upcoming PlayStation VR games for (and beyond) By Lucas Sullivan, Leon Hurley TZ Feature. The best PS VR games releasing soon. Comments; Lucas Sullivan. Get PS VR games from PlayStation official website. Browse all PlayStation VR new and upcoming games. Explore PS VR games' details and buy now. Our list of the best PSVR games has you covered, whether you're a VR rookie or veteran. GamesRadar+ The Games, Movies and TV You Love. Not after the best PlayStation VR games? How about one of Author: Connor Sheridan. Sep 21,  · The Best Upcoming PlayStation VR Games. by PS4 Home September 21, The following is the list and brief description of some of the best upcoming Sony PlayStation VR game titles: Adrift: Scheduled for release in fall , Adrift is a first-person perspective game set in space. The year is , and players are free floating in space Author: PS4 Home.

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You play as a young girl controlling golems, via your eyes and movements, while creeping through ancient ruins filled with treasures. Topics E3 Part shooter, part satire of American gun culture, The American Dream is game about life where everything is achieved via the medium of gunfire. Ominous graphics pulse all around as you control a bug hurtling down a track. TrackMania introduces a new feature called Double Driver, in which two drivers will handle the same car. The game will focus on challenging the user to perform breathtaking stunts in a lightning-quick race, something that will bring much adrenaline to the much anticipated world of VR gaming. Trover Saves the Universe is a game about saving the universe. The game was scheduled for release in March , but has been delayed for final polishing with a new date yet to be confirmed.

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Hours of fun guaranteed. Not only are you playing a game inside another game, but the things you're playing can escape out in the 'real' world, so that you end up controlling the character as it jumps around your desk battling enemies. The physical object that is your controller becomes an in-game tool to manipulate parts of the environment as you clear the path for your little mouse pal. You're a mouse with a sword exploring an enchanted wood — sold yet? It does what it says on the tin, really. Expected to release in November, the game was first announced during the E3

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You can play against other PS VR friends in short, fun sessions, swap ships and try out capture the flag modes. You've also got a campaign and co-op mode for your money. What if, instead of a floating robot that shot pain rays, Luke Skywalker trained with a bunch of Tron polygons to the sound of throbbing EDM? At lower levels of oxygen, the player experiences blurred vision; this must be corrected to prevent the player from dying. Genre: Retro platformer game within a game Controllers: DualShock 4. Constraints to free movement bring this game closer to reality, such as a limited supply of oxygen.

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