best upcoming psvr games 2018

best upcoming psvr games 2018

Today we’re talking about some of the best upcoming PSVR games, which are definitely worth checking out next year! Best PSVR games coming in If you’re constantly asking yourself “ What upcoming PSVR Games should I look for?”, you’re in the perfect place. Check out these awesome titles, coming soon to a console near you: AlvoAuthor: Rica Serenio. Dec 13,  · One of the best VR games hits PlayStation. Superhot's unique mechanic means time only moves when you do, turning you into a total bullet-dodging badass. While the limitations of the PS Author: Michael Sawh, Brittany Vincent. Oct 13,  · As we celebrate PS VR’s first birthday, we wanted to give you a peek behind the curtain. Below, you’ll find a list of all the games currently announced to be coming to the platform through the end of the year (and into early ). With virtual reality, you have to put on the headset and feel what it’s like to get the full experience. Mar 13,  · This thread will be mostly focused in presenting release dates, trailers, announcements and general discussion about the games listed or announced for + So without further a do, I present to you the List of Upcoming PSVR Games for and Above ( Titles Confirmed).

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No Exorcist: Legion VR disapointing was looking forward to that. Can you escape — or more pertinently, how many different ways can you die? Oct 31, Oct 27, 4, The story is a comic book-style murder mystery, with a fairly slow pace and dark mood. With gameplay that might not last you more than an hour, you may think the price is high, but you won't feel shortchanged. Can you take back control of the outpost and send the beasties back to… uh, H-E-double-hockey-sticks?

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Light Theme. Can't await the Wipeout VR upgrade which should come very soon. Nothing less than impressive! Some are PS4 titles, which now have a VR mode, some were built specifically for virtual reality. Convincing storytelling and interesting use of voice interaction make for a creepy, immersive piece of VR. Based on a mini-game called "Robot Rescue" in Sony's Playroom VR software, this quirky game finds players controlling bots to rescue the other little guys, who have been kidnapped and transplanted into a far away world.

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Hey, just like some people do. Farpoint was top tier so will be nice to see what Impulse are up too in VR. You play as a young girl controlling golems, via your eyes and movements, while creeping through ancient ruins filled with treasures. Beat Saber lets you slash beats in time to the rhythm with this VR music hit, which requires lightning-fast reflexes and incredibly musical timing. Anamorphine Maybe not every game will be a musty buy but imo all of them are very interesting :.

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