best video game battle music

best video game battle music

Apr 28,  · It’s a game that actually gives you the name of the track playing in certain sequences, almost as if you’re taking part in a bizarre 2D platforming music video, and for some reason, that makes. Jun 28,  · We've had video game OST threads before. Nice to listen to some music. People list stuff, you don't bother checking it out. lol. Seriously though, I want to be a bit more specific. Battle themes. Make no mistake, it's one of the best of all-time. However, it has since become something of a cliché, and therefore doesn't place as high as it would have back in, say, But Nobuo Uematsu is easily one of the greatest video game music composers and remains comfortably among . Best Battle Music FrozenPhoenix Follow. Forum Posts: ; (the theme of the game, metal version is good but i think that the normal version is better) or buried beneath by red or live without.

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The moody, swinging intro track sounds like the theme to Lethal Weapon from an alternate universe, properly setting the stage for an urban beat-down. Top Stories. And it only gets better from there. Bayonettas have some seriously fine pieces. I posted similar games without reading your response, that's weird lol. Many Japanese games have awesome battle tracks.

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Juri will mess up your shit. The new God of War is a powerful narrative that's only exemplified by its stunning score. And what's more, when you were playing the Ocarina in-game, you were part of it, solving puzzles casting spells and generally drowning in the glorious harmonies and melodies Koji Kondo had created. He does this by, among other things, taking karate lessons from an onion, cooking with a chicken, and trying not to poop himself while waiting for the bathroom. Just as intimidating as his hulking body and super cool set of armor was his music. I'm too hyped from the new Star Wars teaser right now to think properly, but these sprung up to my mind first: Loading Video

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Pretty much half from Smash and half from P4. It's how these threads usually go. The eclectic soundtrack boasts some of the best and most unique driving songs you could ever hope for, fusing Namco's game-y synth beats with jazz, funk, and house genres. Did I say I liked only Hell March? Loading Video Use your keyboard! Zeke Boss battle theme Peace Walker Seriously though, I want to be a bit more specific. Shiva is my favorite boss in any game, I love his theme, and especially the one in SoR Remake.

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