best video game collectors editions

best video game collectors editions

Video game collector's editions have this funny habit of accruing ridiculous value over. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more!Author: Lucas Sullivan. Special edition - Wikipedia.

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Here's a fun activity: invite all your non-hardcore-gamer friends over for dinner and a night of high-stakes poker. View Poll History. The price is wrong If the name wasn't indication enough, collector's editions are aimed at those with money to burn. The idea of the Limited Edition was that, hey, not everyone has room for a helmet, but they may want a bonus DVD, art book, and poster. The packed-in books were thin and small, so the impressive-looking premium box the game was packed in mostly contained nothing at all. Contains bonus DVD with the option of installing audio commentaty to Alan Wake game, partial game soundtrack including both licensed songs as well as the Alan Wake score and a collectors book 'The Alan Wake Files'. Both the game in its regular case and a hardcover book featuring exclusive concepts, never-before-seen imagery and final artwork are held in a cardboard box with a foil-embossed cover.

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Gold steelbook case Europe or Gold colored tinfoil case slip North America , 5 in-game weapons for level 25 immediately unlocked, 8 multiplayer strategy videos, exclusive behind the scenes documentary and a poster. Includes the game in Steelbook case, paracord strap bracelet, "Free-Fall" bonus map, season pass allowing access to four map packs, a digital player patch and background, and p tactical camera with accessories and carrying case. The base game, plus two "Deluxe Packs" with in-game "premium" customization items for your character, weapons, vehicles, and drones. Suddenly, the collector's edition price was dropped down to the standard game's price. Includes everything from the Limited Edition, just replacing the Batman statue for a replica of the Batmobile.

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Later, a variant of the release was distributed to Hollywood Video as part of a pre-release promotion in which the game could be rented along with a console before it's official launch. If you pick up the PlayStation 3 edition, you can get yourself a BlazBlue branded arcade stick at no extra cost PS3 X In Europe, the game and bonus discs are held in a metal case. BioShock Infinite Premium Edition. The "Collector's Pack" released in Japan contains a CD with the original soundtrack, a set of tarot cards, a copy of the game with the instruction manual, and an illustration signed by the artist Akihiko Yoshida.

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