best wedding shoe game questions

best wedding shoe game questions

Aug 16,  · 50 Newlywed Shoe Game Questions. They take off their shoes and exchange one of them (so each has one of the bride’s shoes and one of the groom’s shoes). Then someone – the MC, a member of the bridal party or a family member usually – asks a series of questions where the answer can be either the bride or the groom. Jun 24,  · The wedding shoe game, and the questions that go along with it, is a fun interactive wedding reception activity to do when you want to add something to your wedding reception that you don’t always see at others. Jul 09,  · Amber Leigh Photography. The wedding shoe game is an essential part of the wedding reception - OK maybe not essential, but it sure is fun. If you’re struggling to come up with wedding shoe game questions for yours, we’re here to guide you. Each and every question should begin with the word “who” so that neither of you has to explain your answer (though you can totally offer Author: Alice Prendergast. How to Play the Shoe Game: Ask a member of your wedding party to place two chairs back to back in the middle of the dance floor. Sit in one chair and have your partner sit in the other. Then take off your shoes and switch one shoe with your partner. You should each have two different shoes in Author: The Knot. Mar 06,  · By the way, you don’t have to use shoes, I’ve seen this game played with many different objects for answering the questions, some examples are; pink and blue teddy bears, pink and blue slippers, colored flags, photos of the bride and groom, pink and blue maracas, hand clappers, fairy wand and sword. Apr 23,  · The Shoe Game – How To Play & Question Ideas. A fun way for the guests to get to know the newlyweds, and lots of laughs for the happy couple. The shoe game is very simple to play and all your guests will have a blast. The game is best played after guests had some food and drinks and got comfortable. You might also be interested in Fun Engagement Party Games To Make Your Guests Author: Wedding Forward Team. Who has the most shoes? Who spends more time on Facebook? Who spends more time on Instagram? Who buys the best gifts? Who is more picky about where you live? Who will pick your next vacation spot? And lastly Who loves the other more? Awwweeee. Wedding Shoe Game Question Ideas: Created Date. Oct 03,  · I wanted all the questions to be appropriate and rather light-hearted. I read through many shoe game questions and came up with the list below! There’s a link to a downloadable PDF at the bottom if you want to snag the whole thing! More Must-Reads for Brides: How Everything Got Stolen The Night Before Our Wedding (yes, seriously!)Author: Jessica.

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Wedding Attire. Wedding Ceremony. Who spends more on clothes? Carole recognizes the tune, shouts out excitedly that it's definitely Sherry's song, and then they share the funny memory with everyone. Who has the best sense of humor?

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Who is more stubborn? Keep tally on how many questions they answered the same just to tell them for fun. Who has the nuttier family? The couple can now sit in their chairs. Spontaneity is the point of this game and remember that it is okay if there are some things that you and your future spouse do not know about each other. Who has the best sense of humor?

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Songs with stories or memories that can be shared are the best choices. Married Life. The groom will have one of his shoes and one of his partner's shoes. Your email address will not be published. Who tips the most? Doing so would ruin the fun of the game. Who is the better singer? Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

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