best wii light gun games

best wii light gun games

Find the best Wii Light-Gun games on GameSpot, including Dead Space: Extraction and The House of the Dead: Overkill! Jul 15,  · Ghost Squad, IMO it's the best lightgun game on the Wii at the minute. Resi UC is good, better if you're a fan, HotD 2 & 3 is well worth it, especially if you're nostalgic for the games or have never played them before. HotD Overkill is different than the usual HotD formula, but . Though a number of Wii games do not support these capabilities, those which do form an exhaustively long list of games, many of which have no resemblance to traditional light gun games. Thus, this section will only include games that either explicitly support the Wii Zapper or are rail shooters in nature. Nov 26,  · Most of my game time is with friends so I am looking for some good co-op light gun games along with good light guns to play with them with. I have done a bit of googling and found that the Nyko Perfect Shot is one of the best guns and co-op games to buy are House of the Dead series, and Ghost Squad. Jul 15,  · Best light gun games on the wii? User Info: Sethman Sethman 7 years ago #1. So I am in the mood a new light gun shooting game. I have already beat House of the dead 2 + 3, Ghost Squad, and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. So are there any other good light gun games?Operating System: WII.

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And yeah, for the extra content and definitive controls, it's very recommended you also get the Wii version of RE4. Overkill and Ghost Squad are all you need. AceBandage said:. Main article: Super Scope. Our expeditionary force is as glorious as it is doomed. It's less comfortable than smaller guns, but still a good peripheral. User Info: Sethman If you're anything like me, that isn't going to cut it.

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Use your flair for your Nintendo Network ID only. Sep 4, 1, 0 0 CA. Also not included are games that use positional guns, analog controllers normally mounted to arcade cabinets that are used to move crosshairs along the screen. And before you ask, I didn't play the Wii version of Target: Terror, but the reviews were enough to scare me away from it. Main article: Menacer. Kandinsky said:.

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Nerf HotD:O is worth whatever price you can find it for, it's excellent; challenging, funny, good presentation and a ton of fun. So theoretically I should be able to play RE4 Wii edition if the gun attaches to a nunchuk? Sendai Publishing. Thanks to one of our community members, we have a very thorough owner's guide video that may do the trick! OP is looking for games played only with the "gun" itself for controls, like Time Crisis.

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