bible trivia games for youth

bible trivia games for youth

These bible trivia games allow you to maximize your time in other areas of your youth group or Sunday school class. The answers are included with each game along with their scripture reference so there’s no need to wonder if they are Chaz Elban. Play Bible Jeopardy free online. Bible trivia questions and Christian games from the New and Old Testament! Resources / Church / 50 Bible Trivia Questions for Kids, Youth Groups and Adult Small Groups Kick off your next small group or Sunday school class with a fun round of Bible trivia using these easy-to-answer and fun-to-discover questions. Difficult questions (youth bible quiz) Name three soldiers mentioned in the bible. (Joab, Naemann, Cornelius) In which book of the bible to we read about Haman? (Esther) Which Roman was in charge of cultivation in Syria at the time of Jesus’ birth? (Cyrenius) What happened first? Preacher Paul on the Areopagus or the execution of Jacob? Play free bible trivia quizzes and games online! Fun questions for all ages with Bible games including Jeopardy, Bible Baseball, Sainty Millionaire, and over 30 category specific trivia quizzes such as quotes, timelines, books of the Bible, people and geography. Tell the youth group that they’re doing Bible trivia and you may hear groans. Sometimes young people feel that trivia games are like final exams, or they dread another “Jeopardy” or “So You Want to Be a Millionaire” spinoff. Bible trivia games for teenagers reinforce church lessons and add fun to any youth group gathering. Trivia games can be competitive or just for fun and they're easy Author: Michele Meleen. Sep 02,  · You could use them for group games or ice breakers with any age group – kids, teens, or adults. Divide the youth into teams and make it a quiz game. Bible trivia for kids is no waste of time/5(7).

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He is recognized as an expert in children's ministry curriculum and frequently consults for leading VBS producers. Stupid Predictions kb You won't believe what these people actually predicted. By: Michelle Watson. A: True — Three times the Bible describes him spitting. How much bread and fish was available to feed the ? Please use our curriculum material for any ministry purpose that brings honor to Jesus.

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Deliverance 2. Name that Super Hero 10mb. A: The firstborn son of all Egyptian families died. Have each group turn in their written ideas, and print copies of the combined research for the class. Weird and Wild Stuff kb. A: Jericho.

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Name that Carol kb. Lost Quiz 1. Bye Pull Matt Grab. Correct answers that require the pastor to use a lifeline earn teams 25 points. Guess What kb.

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