bionicle mata nui online game

bionicle mata nui online game

Skip Intro | Edit State | Restart Game. 28 rows · Mata Nui Online Game, originally known simply as Mata Nui or Bionicle, later as the Mata . Originally called Mata Nui Adventure Game, the MNOG is one of the games that marked BIONICLE the most. Although with relatively simple graphics, it was extremely popular and loved among the fanbase, not just because the music and the many animations were nicely done, but also because one got a clear overview of the tropical island of Mata Nui, their villages and their villagers. Mata Nui Online Game – released on the LEGO Bionicle website, it continues from Tales of the Tohunga and shows Takua going around Mata Nui and helping the villages. It is much beloved by older fans of Bionicle. The game was removed in , and returned as a download in due to high by: Nathan Furst (), John D'Andrea (4). The legend of LEGO ® BIONICLE ® has come to an end in this realm. The mighty Toa fought bravely against evil for years, only to discover their true destiny in a final showdown against the Destroyer and Makuta. Their fate was sealed and Okoto continues to thrive in a new age of peace and plenty. Page 1 of 14 - MNOLG: The Bohrok Swarms - posted in Fan Created Media: This is a discussion for the MNOLG Project Objective The goal of this Project is to make a MNOLG 1 style flash game that covers the Bohrok Swarms arc, Picking up right after the first game ended, and following the Flash episodes released on that show highlights of this era. Mata Nui Online Game is a BIONICLE Online game released in January It was taken down in , but then brought back due to popular demand in It was then taken down again in A sequel, Mata Nui Online Game II: The Final Chronicle, was Released:

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Takua then journeys to Ko-Koro, where he frees Kopeke from an ice prison and then locates Matoro among the icy drifts, during which he witnesses Kopaka battling a Muaka before communicating with Turaga Nuju. See the site footer for details. By decoding these messages, writing them down on an official entry form, and mailing in the form, contestants entered into a sweepstakes to win a karat solid gold Kanohi Hau. Codes were provided on Bionicle. Doing so repeatedly prompts the Rahi to retreat and to drop its mask. Each one had a picture, text, and music with it. There were five cards in each one: four regular, and one holographic or "special" card.

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Under certain circumstances, Nokama [1] and Jala [2] will refer to "Papu and Rangi," and Jala mentions that those beings chose the location of Ta-Koro. Takua succeeds in bringing a sunken hut containing the village's inhabitants back to the surface, and Gali arrives and defeats the beast. Takua follows them into a field of volcanic rock, where he catches a glimpse of a tall, red-armored being , who then walks away. In the bottom row sit pre-set blocks bearing the symbols of each of the six Koro. Fortunately, Vakama arrived before anyone got hurt, and explained Tahu's presence. Leaving Vakama's hut, Takua ventures from Ta-Koro into a large network of tunnels , which eventually brought him into Onu-Koro , an underground village lit by lightstones.

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It was again removed in February to make way for new content. Eventually, he wanders into a shadowy, dangerous forest of burnt, dead trees, filled with the howls of unseen monsters. A point-and-click adventure game made in Flash, it featured the Matoran Takua as the main character as he traveled across Mata Nui , witnessing and sometimes even influencing such important events such as the coming of the Toa , the first battle against Makuta , and the awakening of the Bohrok. Views Read Edit View history. Note : Only the first two books were serialized in the U.

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