block online games on router

block online games on router

May 17,  · >> Re: How to block online game through the router? You'll have to port forward, setup a virtual server, or add an exception for your CCTV software. OK I really want to make it work without blocking CCTV. To port forward, I click on the Port Forwarding, then the Custom Port Forwarding. You can block it by doing the following: Download HT Parental Controls and install it on your child's computer. Click Application Blocking. Click the Add button and select the game you want to block from the list or click Browse to find its location on the computer. To start with, you can download the application on your system and launch it whenever you wish to block games online. Now, to block certain gaming websites, you can visit its “Website Blocking” tab. Click on the “Add” button and provide the URL of the website you wish to block. Aug 15,  · So there's no going to be anything you can do on your router/firewall to block all proxy sites by default. One thing you can do, however, is install internet filtering software on your son's machine that has the ability to block sites by keyword. You can block, for instance, all sites with the word "proxy.". Jan 22,  · It depends how advanced your router is if you can put in multiple list or are limted to just one. You may want to block some of the sites by name also since some games run on port You would for example block Still if he is ambitious he can use vpn and similar to bypass anything you put in.

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Latest posts. It might be situated somewhere else as well, depending on where Windows is installed. He bought it with his own money, he's Log in. This isn't really convenient for the parents but works quite well. He he was 14 or under, yeah, I can see that happening, but not at age

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Search Advanced search…. JavaScript is disabled. For example , URLs - freeonlinegames. You can do this by following these steps:. Top Bottom. Afterward, you need to open this file in Notepad.

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To learn how to use it to block games online , follow these steps: Firstly, you need to add the StayFocussed extension on Chrome. Chewy Well-Known Member. Additionally, you can block games online by following the above-mentioned steps. Login Try now. In this technique, you need to manually restrict the access to online gaming websites by following these steps:. Protocol is TCP already. HT Vector Software. It's a chinese online game call mo siang. JavaScript is disabled.

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