board game geek secret hitler

board game geek secret hitler

Geekdo, BoardGameGeek, the Geekdo logo, and the BoardGameGeek logo are trademarks of BoardGameGeek, LLC. Jun 04,  · Secret Hitler Board Game Review Game Description The result of a Kickstarter campaign raising nearly $ million, Secret Hitler is a social deduction party game that divides players into two factions: liberals and fascists/ Jan 27,  · At this point, Secret Hitler has replaced almost any other secret identity game on my shelf. What makes Secret Hitler better than most other hidden identity games, is the depth of information you can gather. Unlike the base game of The Resistance, where the only information you get from people are their body language, the votes on whether you. As with most social deduction games, Secret Hitler relies heavily on logical deduction, bluffing and sometimes outright lying.I’m not normally a big fan of social deduction games because I’m frankly not very good at them. I once confused the whole table during a game of One Night Ultimate Werewolf when I admitted to being a werewolf when asked who I was at the very beginning.

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Also, while it can be tempting to immediately jump in to a second game after the first one especially if the first game went particularly well or poorly , I would caution against playing too many in a row. But on the whole, I find that the game stands up well over multiple plays. At that point, everyone votes on whether to allow the pair to take office. To me, that ruins the game just a little bit because it can limit the possibilities for people not skilled in the art of un-truth. Besides the game itself being incredibly enjoyable, the quality of the components is also through the roof. The Fascists win if they pass six fascist policies, or if they manage to elect Hitler Chancellor after three fascist policies have already been passed.

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Feb 16, Popular Articles. This, like Resistance, can give you some information. If no one is elected three times in a row, the top policy card is flipped over and immediately enacted, which could be great, or could be awful. Literally if the cards fall right, because so much depends on the cards you are dealt and the first few turns of the game.

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Copyright If no one is elected three times in a row, the top policy card is flipped over and immediately enacted, which could be great, or could be awful. My fears and reservations were completely blown out of the water after I played the game. This was my first year attending the Board Game Geek Convention, and holy crap did I have a great time! I was a Fascist in one game where the Fascists made the biggest comeback possible to win the game. Board games have slowly become a passion and have taken over most of her shelves at this point. Depending on your player count, the Fascist policy board will start triggering special powers when policies are passed. Fans of social deduction games will almost certainly enjoy it.

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