book of mormon video game

book of mormon video game

Jan 19,  · Levi Hilton, a year-old from Orem, Utah, is the mastermind behind Book of Mormon Heroes: The Servant of Helaman. Revolving around the Book of Mormon story of the unnamed Nephite who kills Kishkumen (see Helaman 2), the game allows you to experience life in the ancient Americas—from the clothing worn to the money used. Year-Old Boy Creates Book of Mormon Video Game. “This game has gospel messages Some of the clues in the game need the scriptures to be figured out.” Hilton’s game, “Book of Mormon Heroes: The Servant of Helaman,” has a similar look and feel to the bit Final Fantasy games from the late s. Levi Hilton, a year-old member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, created a video game which features stories and characters from The Book of Mormon. Book of Mormon Heroes: The Servant of Helaman (LDS Game) Kishkumen and the Gadianton Robbers are at large. They have made plans to assassinate the Chief Judge Helaman.

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Faith July 18, Everything you need to know about the Church's curriculum. He also started a Kickstarter campaign for the game in April. During those 18 months, I read many inspiring talks from apostles and prophets, and since then our Church leaders have continued to give inspiring messages on the topic. But the following five are still my favorites and helped me the most on my mission. James and Kelly have noticed that their year-old son, Connor, has become increasingly moody and unhappy. A city.

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Kickstarter is not a store. Did they carry pains inflicted upon one another or loving trust? Levi launched a free download of the game Aug. Sorenson, to make sure the historical settings in the game are correctly located in relation to one another. And they arose from the earth, and he said unto them: Blessed are ye because of your faith.

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Orem, UT Video Games. It was not the first time I had pondered these particular questions. There will also be 4 symbols in the top right hand corner of the screen that represent how much money, jewels, keys, and potions you have. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. One of the things I want this game to do is make people feel that the Book of Mormon is real. Support Select this reward. What's next for Levi is moving backward but only in terms of the books of the Book of Mormon. Hello, I am Levi Hilton.

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