bra pong bridal shower game

bra pong bridal shower game

Oct 03,  · If you like an easy DIY challenge, Bra Pong is a fun addition to the hen party games list. What is bra pong you ask? Well, you basically stick a few bras to a large board and write numbers for points on them. The rules of bra pong are simple. The hen party guests then bounce a ping pong ball into one of the cups of the bra. 5 Bra Pong Games Supplies: Bras, cardboard / board, 4 or more ping pong balls, other items vary by game. Bra Pong is a fun take on the idea of beer pong. The premise is simple, take a ping pong ball and try to land it in a bra to score points or make someone drink. Bra Pong. This fun, flirty game is sure to be a hit. The goal is to toss a ping pong ball into one of the bras on the board. Points are awarded by cup size with the smaller cups worth the most. Heighten the bridal shower theme with game prizes that stir up excitement. Jul 07,  · “Bra Pong” is a popular bachelorette party/lingerie shower game that can be a TON of fun! Set up is fairly simple, too. All you need for a rousing game of Bra Pong is a poster board, craft supplies (paint, glue gun, markers or paint pens), and bras! Easy Bridal Shower Games. Most of my good friends have gotten in the past few years, and I’ve attended a lot of bridal showers. I have even a hosted a few of my own, and I always thoroughly enjoy them – there is just something so special about celebrating a person’s upcoming marriage. Apr 11,  · Bra Pong. This game is inspired by beer pong. It is a bridal shower and hen party favourite. The rules are simple try and get the balls in the bra cups if you lose take a Rebecca Puttock. The Best Bridal Shower Games. These bridal shower games are ones I put together for my little sister’s bohemian bridal shower, right before her beautiful bohemian wedding! We’ve always been a creative and game playing family, so I wanted to come up with bridal shower games that people had never played before! I was right. Bridal Shower. Bra Pong Games Bachelorette Party Games, Bridal Shower Games | 5 Bra Pong Games - A variety of bra pong games for bridal showers, bachelorette parties and charity events. A challenging games that the girls will love. Here at Party Game Ideas we are constantly adding new printable games, party ideas, and commenting on.

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Baby's 1st Birthday Game. Players must move a certain number of mints from a container of mints to a jar at the other side of the room by sucking the mints into a straw and keeping it sucked up until they can place it in the jar. Tide stick. Have the bride and groom face-off in a trivia challenge! The ladies will search their phones and get points for each they can find. These are awesome!

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The winner is instructed to return to the party showing only a naked leg or shoulder before disrobing and revealing a teddy bear. You can easily make your own using a website called Canva. Also, we recommend you test how difficult it is to sink a ball in a bra. The bride-to-be puts on the apron making one lap around the party guests. Game play varies a little based on whether you are playing with drinks or shots.

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Keep your guests laughing with a bevy of silly and sweet games before the bride's big day. You May Like. This game is inspired by beer pong. Etsy seller Janet Morrin offers a set of 24 cards with two winners in each batch. After everyone reads their suggestion aloud, deposit them into a cute box that the bride can take home and use for future Friday nights!

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