breast cancer awareness facebook game

breast cancer awareness facebook game

Jul 16,  · Breast Cancer Awareness Month. K likes. Show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October and throughout the year. Join CafeMom to meet Followers: K. Mar 19,  · Breast Cancer Is Not a Facebook Status Game. 01/17/ pm ET Updated Mar 19, I don't usually rant, but something has me steaming. Today the following exact message appeared in my Facebook inbox: So here is the time of year again when we try to raise awareness for breast cancer through a game. It's very easy and I would like all of Author: Lisa Bonchek Adams. Jan 17,  · ** please note I updated this post in October I added the following information: Once again Facebook games about breast cancer are making the rounds now that it is October. I posted this last year and got some flack from people who thought anything that "raised awareness" about breast cancer was good and couldn't understand why I am critical of these messages. Mar 22,  · The more I think about this, the more offensive it is. My sister is recovering from breast cancer. My mother died from cancer. How is this manipulative status hijacking “game” about raising awareness for breast cancer?  This is my sister, Lynn. This . Game Pink is bringing together gamers, streamers, developers, and publishers on a mission to help women and families impacted by breast cancer. Playing your favorite video game can make a difference in the lives of women and families facing the realities of breast cancer. Simply sign up to create your own charity stream and start fundraising! Join Game Pink. Game Pink is bringing together gamers, streamers, developers, and publishers on a mission to help women and families impacted by breast cancer. Sep 27,  · Start Breast Cancer Awareness Month off the right way and give out these amazing pink wiper blades as a prize to the employee that raises the most money on October 1st! 2. Pink Parking Spot. If your company is low on parking spots, this is one of the Author: Amanda Sansone. We're as concerned about breast cancer as anybody, but talking about where you like to put your purse or revealing your bra color on Facebook is *not* going to benefit breast cancer research or anyone who has breast cancer! In fact, it is *an insult to breast cancer survivors* to trivialize it like this!Followers: K.

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Why is this a "thing? There is so much to do out there that really will make a difference. Thank you, finally some one is putting things in prospective. You have got to be the worlds biggest Asshole. You said it beautifully. Image courtesy of miamidolphins. Stay strong. I so agree!!

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She died of metastatic breast cancer. Just a tiny chance? Teenagers get involve if a campain is catchy and design like an advert, and that is so important for girls to start checking their breast when still in school and be educated. Listen to America. Strength to you, Emma!

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It does nothing for cancer: it does not raise funds, nor find a cure nor save our loved ones from death. When I first got my diagnosis, I notified my niece in another country via facebook using a private message. I say: count me out of these Facebook games. She wasn't acting out of malice. October 15, at Why not log onto to Facebook…and dare your friends to donate? Rick Simpson, father of all natural hemp.

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