can blu ray play dvd and cd

can blu ray play dvd and cd

Jul 15,  · Blu-ray Disc players can play Blu-ray discs, DVDs, CDs, and some can also play other types of discs, such as SACDs and DVD-Audio Discs. However, although you can play a DVD in a Blu-ray Disc player, you can't play a Blu-ray Disc in a DVD player. Blu-Ray Players May Play Burned Music CDs. While your Blu-ray player will have no problem playing standard music CDs, you may have trouble playing burned CDs. The software used by the Blu-ray player needs to support the music file format that you burned to the CD. Jul 20,  · Can Blu-ray Players Play DVDs and CDs. DVD can be considered as one of the most successful video product in history. When it was first came onto the market in /, it was hailed as a significant upgrade from the VHS videotape format. But in , with the introduction of HDTV, HD-DVD and Blu-ray was introduced to consumers/5(47). Mar 16,  · The reason that DVD player cannot play Blu-ray disc lies that, the DVD player is specifically designed for DVD's red laser, not for Blu-ray's blue laser. Likewise, the DVD player is available to play CD as it is also implemented red laser. Still, you need to find yourself a handy Blu-ray player to enjoy the high definition watching. Samsung Blu-ray DVD Disc Player With Built-in Wi-Fi p & Full HD Upconversion, Plays Blu-ray Discs, DVDs & CDs, Plus CubeCable 6Ft High Speed HDMI Cable, Black Finish (Renewed) out of 5 . Jul 22,  · Manufacturers want people to buy their products, so they make them capable of handling discs that came before. DVD players will play CDs, Blu-Ray players will play DVDs and CDs (and frequently will read home burned discs as well). Although you can play a CD or DVD in a Blu-ray Disc player, you cannot play a Blu-ray Disc in a CD or DVD player. The reason that you cannot play a Blu-ray Disc on a CD or DVD player is that Blu-ray Discs are embedded with more video and audio information than a CD or DVD player . Sony's licensing on Blu-ray is obnoxious, and it means it's pretty difficult to play Blu-rays on your computer—in fact, Windows is the only operating system that can play them back Whitson Gordon.

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However, to assist in solving this problem, more studios are releasing combo packs that include both a Blu-ray Disc and DVD version of a movie in the same package. If you want to know whether your Blu-ray player can play a regular CD, the simple answer is yes. On the other hand, the reason that a Blu-ray Disc player can play DVDs is that manufacturers decided to make sure that all Blu-ray Disc player include both blue and red laser assemblies, so that they can play both Blu-ray Discs and DVDs. Net Framework?????????? To start with, it supports Blu-ray disc in any format including the standard, DRM protected and regional code locked. If you don't have an account, sign up now. We are working to restore service.

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Which is pointless given that a human ear cannot 'sense' higher quality 'that' much greater than a CD anyway. Many thanks for your clear and concise reply-all is now clear! Payment completed Payment failed. However, if your computer came with a Blu-ray drive, you should already have some sort of Blu-ray-capable software on your computer. But, can Leawo play Blu-ray discs still with ease?

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However, Blu-ray Disc players are very inexpensive these days, so, if you desire to play a Blu-ray Discs in other rooms in the house, getting another Blu-ray player is an affordable option, when you take the added convenience into consideration. Continue Reading. This laptop is running with the Windows 10 operating system. Sverige - Svenska. Select Product Version. Share Pin Email. Sadly to say, the answer is no, definitely no.

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