can u get carpal tunnel from playing video games

can u get carpal tunnel from playing video games

While studies suggest there is not a large difference between the number of people who get carpal tunnel who play video games and those who do not, there is no question that the prolonged playing of video games does lead to an increase in hand injuries. Very similar hand pain from playing video games from atari to ps4 by: OldSkoolRaver And age-wise, any age can get carpal tunnel or other tendonitis related problems. Jan 08, Rating: Wrist Tendonitis or Carpal Tunnel from video games? by: Robert G Hello. About 7 weeks ago, my right wrist started to burn after playing videogames. Jan 11,  · I have being playing video games consistently for give or take hours a day ever since going on workers compensation in August I now have discomfort and slight pitching in my left index finger from continued use of the LT button on the XBOX Status: Open. May 14,  · If you play video games and your hands start to hurt, you run the risk of suffering a repetitive stress injury that causes pain and even numbness in your hands. These symptoms are caused by swelling and compression along the carpal tunnel, a sheath for a nerve and some tendons that run from the palm to the shoulder. When children do get carpal tunnel syndrome, the most common causes may include playing musical instruments, playing tennis, typing, playing video games, and doing gymnastics. Children can also develop carpal tunnel symptom as a result of an injury, like a sprained or broken wrist. 6. Arthritis And Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Playing video games excessively can lead to physical impairments like: Arthritis: Studies have suggested that years of video gaming can lead to issues on a person's thumbs later in life, especially because this area of the body is prone to osteoarthritis. Dec 04,  · Best Answer: Yes, yes, yes. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a progressively painful hand and arm condition caused by a pinched nerve in your wrist. A number of factors can contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome, including the anatomy of your wrist, certain underlying health problems and possibly patterns of hand Status: Open. Mar 29,  · Best part is you can't really get carpal tunnel from pc gaming unless you're typing in an insanely awkward and uncomfortable position. justheretodl That's not true, Justheretodl.

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So that's what I did. Work, school, friends and family are neglected, and the addiction to video games intensifies as people refuse to spend their waking hours doing anything but playing video games. I started taking magnesium about three weeks ago, but I'm not noticing improvement. This is a movement used in order to slide the nerve along the carpal tunnel. Eliminating Repetitive Strain.

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Both in games and in life. PT and cortisone was her recommendation. How can i strengthen my thumb tendons back to shape. Have you ever cosplayed? Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Stress Stress from video gaming addiction is commonly caused by the following scenarios: A person has become so obsessed with video games, their failures and pressure to achieve their goals within the video game cause excessive amounts of stress.

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Rest doesn't fix any of them. Console games can give you carpal tunnel as well - any frequent repetative motion can. The good news is, rest is typically a cure. That's when I did some research and asked Lanius about it. If none of these treatments help, the person may need surgery to release the pressure on the median nerve. My pain was so bad that I had to stop playing games. Same goes for Magnesium for Tendonitis. Dec 15, Rating.

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