can you get carpal tunnel from playing piano

can you get carpal tunnel from playing piano

Developing carpal tunnel syndrome is a serious problem for piano players. The weakness, numbness, and tingling in the hands caused by carpal tunnel syndrome – not to mention the pain! – can severely limit time spent making music on the piano. It’s best to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome entirely, but if you have symptoms of Author: Brandi Hand. Why Many Pianists Do Not Recover. To say that to cure an injury we must remove its cause sounds too obvious to require emphasis, but in fact movement retraining, which is the way to accomplish this, very often does not happen. There are several reasons why injured pianists often do not get the retraining that would cure their injuries. Mar 20,  · Are you learning with a teacher? I can totally understand where you're coming from because when i first started playing piano when i was really young i spent about 5 years of my life just holding my wrists in pain after hours of playing piano almost non-stop. You’re not going to be able to rest all the time, you have to play the instrument—I get that. You can also reduce the angle at which you’re playing, or maybe in between songs or takes, you can put the wrist into the neutral position. This is going to prevent you from getting carpal tunnel or a similar symptom. Dec 19,  · Yes, its possible to get injured when you play the piano. Im not talking about bloody fingers, Im talking about serious injuries that can affect your ability to play into the future, like carpal tunnel or tendinitis. Some teachers will say playing. Is it possible that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be caused by playing the piano? Or, are there other forces at work in your body that are causing your carpal tunnel symptoms? You will find out when you . Keep Playing And Practicing By Wearing A Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Won’t Get In The Way Of Your Performance Order Your Carpal Solution Now One Jazz Electric Keyboarder from North Carolina said, “It is so great to have a non-invasive therapy that I can depend upon whenever my symptoms flare up!/5(). pianomap: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome The carpal tunnel is a narrow space formed by the small bones of the wrist and the ligament called the flexor retinaculum. You can locate it this way: Place your left index finger in the center of your right palm, then move the finger about two inches down your palm toward your arm, stopping when your finger approaches the edge of the fleshy part of your hand.

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The nerve may become compressed. I liked the article. If the person continues to move in a stressful manner, symptoms are likely to return. The general problem will be solved only when sound information is part of every pianist's training. The Carpal Solution is a natural home remedy for Carpal Tunnel that works. Source s : educated guess. Want to know more? Tags healing , health , muscle pain , music health.

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No amount of practice, no exercises aimed at "finger independence" or "strengthening the fingers," no amount of telling ourselves to "relax"--none of these will change the way our bodies are made. Want to know more? You may be surprised how weird it feels at first, but persevere. If you play with harmful technique, all the breaks in the world won't prevent injury. In fact the rigid carpal tunnel braces and hand splints actually make the condition worse over time because they compact and irritate already injured and inflamed soft tissue in the hands and fingers. In short, movement retraining forces me to examine myself and my relationship with the piano, and I must be prepared to question and change my attitudes and beliefs.

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Or else, misled by discussions in the literature, they say "I just tried to do too much without proper warm-up; I'll be careful always to warm up from now on," or "I guess I need to exercise and develop strength in my fingers. The result is carpal tunnel syndrome: pain in the wrist, and pain or tingling or numbness in the hand, particularly on the thumb side of the hand. Mark, I am a physical therapist practicing in Tampa, Florida. I have never met anyone for whom the Solution did not work. Your Name. An injury would count as a medical problem if it were caused by illness or trauma. One recent surgeon honestly admitted that it would likely take a year or so to determine if the guitarist could play again like he used to do after surgery. Because of overuse, you get repetitive strain injuries.

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