do people still play the old republic

do people still play the old republic

May 04,  · One of the earliest games in the Star Wars pantheon, and by earliest I mean on the Star Wars timeline, is Knights of the Old Republic. SWTOR takes place years after the events of that game. Not bad, sure, but the online game also takes place 3, years before episode 1. Mar 01,  · The statements and opinions expressed on these websites are solely those of their respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the views, nor are they endorsed by Bioware, LucasArts, and its licensors do not guarantee the accuracy of, and are in no way responsible for any content on these websites. Jan 15,  · It's a cool enough game if you want to experience the original story-lines, play through the Eternal Empire storyline once, and mess around in a Star Wars universe. The people who still play do it because they love their collections. In the absence of other RPG games for the franchise, Star Wars: The Old Republic still holds up, is still worth playing, and is still quintessentially Star Wars. In when there were small guilds like mine (called Oasis Alliance in case you were wondering) who were just Nick Lee. The areas to level are dead as bricks. The PVP is stale, bland and supremely unbalanced. The operations are slow and boring to do again. The game was a mess when it came out, and it still is a mess. I feel cheated that I ever wasted life playing it. Also TERA is free now as well, and it . Jul 13,  · Its cool that old content continues to be relevant, but it was 2 years before they released A SINGLE NEW RAID BOSS. 2 years of horrible solo content with nothing to do but run old content over and over. PvP is what I do most of the time. Its the only reason I really still play. If I did mostly pve I would have quit this game years ago. Jan 07,  · The only information we have is that 1 million different players log in to play every month. That piece of info is a month old iirc. Oct 02,  · The starting planets are always crowded because there's still tons doing the free up to lvl 15, but expect a surge when it goes mostly versant.using System: PC.

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It was boring and now it's more P2W than ever. But it detracts from the game experience itself, and doesn't leave players or at least me feeling a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction. Just remember, things subscribers get for free, you have to earn. The last few months have been a bit tiring, though. Other than that, being F2P still has no real effects to the class stories which just received an update. User Info: punisher1 punisher1 6 years ago 18 DPS is more all around. Only ewoks do.

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You can never have a cargo hold for extra storage, or extra slots in your personal storage personal you can, but you have to buy it with in-game currency. Over 4 billion NPCs non-playable characters have been killed since launch. What is also a huge problem for me was how difficult Bioware made it to enjoy the F2P aspect of the game with ton of restrictions that was just aimed at pissing me off. I mean, I could go on. So my advice, sub for 1 month and look at all the new content, then decide if you want stay subbed.

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It's still hard to fathom that nothing's changed in all that time. You know what? I hope Bioware makes another Star Wars RPG with the Sith Warrior story premise, going around the galaxy being a bad ass assassin while trying becoming more powerful over the course of your journey. People still play it, pick the right server and there's hundreds of people on the server at reasonable times. You can use special in-game currency to buy certain amenities and items, or you can always upgrade from free account to paid subscription.

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