easy april fool pranks to play on your parents

easy april fool pranks to play on your parents

These practical April Fools' jokes are easy, fun—and a little bit wicked. 14 Funny April Fools’ Jokes to Play on Your Parents. try these April Fools’ Day pranks on your versant.us: Lisa Milbrand. Mar 25,  · 29 Insanely Easy Pranks You Need To Play On April Fools' Day. Alanna Okun / BuzzFeed 41 Genius April Fools’ Day Pranks Your Kids Will Totally Fall For. Apr 01,  · April Fools’ Day is here and it’s time for the pranks to get started. For those of you parents out there looking to pull some tricks on your kids, we’ve got a list of versant.us: Lauren Weigle. This April Fools' Day, don't let the kids get the best of you. It's time to play a few funny tricks on them. After all, adults can get in on the silliness, too! (We've even included a few pranks to make dad smile.). If you've decided that pulling funny pranks on your parents is worth the risk of getting grounded, then you want to pick a good, funny versant.us ideas offer some inspiration for safe practical jokes to play at home for April Fools Day or just versant.us: Michele Meleen. Are you targeted by your family and friends on April Fool's Day? It's time to take revenge by playing pranks on them! Plentifun loads you with 15 easy and harmless pranks to play on your parents.

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Change Their Clocks. Share On facebook Share On facebook Share. Make sure to use a dry erase marker so it will clean off easily. Not Helpful 20 Helpful Morning Spray. Give someone a frozen home screen when they tap the apps, nothing will happen.

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Place the Oreos back in the container. Social Justice. It's cruel and it's not funny. Special Projects. On April Fool's Day, it's tradition to pull a prank on someone.

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If not, you can purchase some at a drug store before April Fool's Day. You've seen the trick of drawing a spider on the toilet paper and even leaving a message as it unravels. If you lather the toilet seat in Vaseline, it will be hard to see. You only need to rip off a piece big enough to cover the red light on the bottom of the mouse. Canada U. If your father does not have a sense of humor about himself, pranking him may be a bad idea. At first, parents might not think much of the living room TV remote not working, but as they discover all the remotes are "broken" they'll be baffled. When your parents call to tell you the good news, you can tell them that the joke is on them. Fill up a glass of water, plop two of these bad boys in, and leave them on either your mom or your dad's nightstand.

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